Sunday, February 23, 2014

Weekly Visual Report

 photo 1959588_10152661770369741_1646055254_n11111111_zpsf2114c13.jpg

 photo 1010199_10152670000549741_307311284_n1111_zps9073de0c.jpg

 photo 1926676_10152664068939741_1650076805_n1111_zpsc7bccb84.jpg

 photo 1601564_10152591341324741_1275631603_n111111_zps3ce02241.jpg

 photo 1506478_10152644054554741_146683036_n111111_zps2e86fb8d.jpg

 photo 1922359_10152645876564741_1341129702_n11111_zps4729cc4b.jpg

 photo 12429_10152666879369741_1102744363_n1111_zps8e776277.jpg

 photo 1796614_10152625470969741_1727817807_n11111_zps5f5a38e8.jpg

1. Workday Assembly
2. Digging my new love heels
3. The boy knows me too well that flowers isn't my thing for Valentine.
4. Black, White , Marble
5. WOLF 88
6. A Gift from my sweetest colleague. 
7. New Love : New Crop Top
8. Channeling the inner CL in me. 


Ania Łuka said...

I like Yuour looks :)

Amanda L said...

@ania : hello dear, thank you for the comment :D