Friday, June 22, 2012

Amandalmy on Instagram

Wa overly too busy cleaning up my room. shifting from one side of my room to the other end of it. Couldnt yet figure out how am I going to really transform it, because I have two beds but i am not willing to move one of it out, there's just too much memories I share with my sister in that room. Not to mention, I couldnt stand looking at those amazingly green prints/pattern and suede mary-jane peep toe heels that I got it from Kiss and Tell and finally went over to TWG with the loved ones was just some quality time that we haven had it for a very long time.

 Moreover, finally convincing myself to wear jeans for the Levi' Blogger Award which, for those who normally know me well enough would know that, i dont fancy wearing jeans that much and there goes on my daily/ monthly activities attending L'Aperitif Fashion event, getting myself a new job which I'll probably be missing for approximately 23 days and picking up a new hobby with threads and strings :)

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