Monday, June 18, 2012

Six Stix : Bitch Please :)

There's a period of time where I was really crazy over 9gag and before that i can never understood how someone can spend hours and hours 9 gag-ing online. When i say hours and hours i really meant like really spending the whole night on and not sleep at all.  That was what a dear friend told me " Go and try it out, this is serious shit awesomely funny". So that very day itself, I was like okay let's just see how addictive can this be, at first i was still getting the hang of it.. reading and scrolling and laughing, and reading and scrolling and god knows what made me check my phone. 

And holy molly I actually spend like hours on thet website till 4am in the morning. So yeap that period of time , I have to admit .. I was pretty much a 9gag fanatic. Not to say now i am not, just lesser HAHA :) 

So when 9gag was quite on trend, people started to have them on t-shirts. You get to choose what 9gag term you like and I was indeed more than honor to have one from SIX STIX :) 
& i got myself a BITCH PLEASE :D hehehehehe


So yeap basically this is the few opinion for their first batch for now, more to come no worries.
For all the 9gag maniac/lovers/fanatic, 
You can totally log on to their website for more information

HYPE YET? hehehehe


Anonymous said... obviously love all the things all the millions of tons of girls who claim to love all the things nobody else loves love

Amanda L said...

so is there a problem with that LOL, my description of things doesnt necessary applies to fashion :).