Wednesday, March 14, 2012

What a nice date to experience a nice and live auction in front of you. It was one of those days where you tell yourself, 'Hey ive just learn something new though people have already know it so long ago". Well it was on the 29th of February, that i got a chance to attend the grand launch of Sold.My in Gecko Gastro Bar.

I never like bidding and never knew how to function or use that thing, if you can say. So one day a close friend of mine, sort of explain how bidding works and all. Instantly,my perception of bidding is time-consuming and troublesome because u always have to keep and eye on the item you're bidding so that the last bid users doesn't bid during the very last second. It either that or something else. Therefore, bidding dint really interest me much.

Not until the day where i finally get to understand the picture of auctions or bidding clearly.Which is, no doubt the day where Sold.My was launch. Indeed it was an eye-opening day to finally get to behold a live auction on how bidding works. I have to say is pretty impressive if you can own an iPhone 4s with only 60 sen through bidding.The day ended pretty well with a good buffet served. Sold.My is really a real deal here now:)

You must be wondering what is Sold.My and what is it all about?
Sold.My is an exciting, innovative and reliable auction website offering really new products at a super great bargains. When i say super, i really do mean it! You practically could find the hottest tech gadgets, hotel stays, travel deals and female must-haves to compliment you daily living.

Let's just have a short intro of how the auction works on the website.
All auctions start at RM0.00 and each time someone enters a bod, the current price will increase by 15 sen and the time remaining increases by up to 20 seconds.

As we all know, when the time reaches 0, the last successful bidder wins the product at the final auction price. Usually the auction price is 60-98% OFF from the retail price. What a good catch man !

You are required to purchase "Tokens" from the website as the "Tokens" are needed to be use to bid during the auction. Each Token costs RM1.50. Besides that, 10 free Tokens will be given to you with your first purchase of any of the Token packs. So what are u waiting, registration is fast, simple and free. Be a member and start bidding.

Sold.My is different from other bidding auctions. This is because normal traditional online auction, you do not have to pay to place a bid because the bid price is 100% determined by you. However, at Sold.My each bid uses one Token (RM1.50) and all bid prices starts from zero with fixed bid price increments. Through this way, it is impossible to keep the final bid prices extremely low. The similarities is that both auction type have timer elements; the only differences is that at Sold.My, the timer extends by up to 20 seconds whenever a bid is placed.

With Yiching and Christine :)

Christine , Melanie and Jason :)

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