Saturday, March 17, 2012

Love Dust

Dress : Zara
Pumps : Payless
Necklace : Gifted
Bangle : Gifted
Rings: A gift from my mummy and my best friend
Hat : F block
Feather Earring : Diva

I am going to do a quick post before i head out to work. Wearing a red striking dress from Zara. And necklaces from Zach's mum :) She gave me a box of jewelry that she didnt think she'll wear it anymore, but for me it was heaven. Everything was so vintage, imagine it, she used to wear it when she was young, back in her era. I can helped myself but going all nuts seeing every piece one by one and trying it on like the world happiest girl :) Thanks Auntie Pat. Owh not to mention, bangles as well. And those earring, been hunting it for a very long period of time :) I am so glad that i found you, hanging at the rack and waiting for me to owned you , hehehe.

Been doing alot of freelance job lately and sometimes i even have to rearrange my timetable for my uni. I dont find it troublesome, in fact i am kinda enjoying it now, at the moment. It's always vise versa, when you're studying , you just have the urge to get your butt out there and work; When you're working, how you wish you're still in high school, nerding your way in. It's just been a busy month where assignments and jobs and meetings just keep coming in and out. Not to mention, i ve been attending one birthday after another continuously one week after another as well. So many March babies :) And now i am having sore throat a little flu after yesterday's night birthday celebration for my of my bestest friend. Shall update about that soon.

And lately i ve been spamming Big Bang's new debut albums song like mad. My favorite song would definitely be Love Dust, which explains why my was name after their song :) Yong Bae :)