Sunday, March 11, 2012


Before i start ranting about how good the clothes are, do know that they are all from Gingersnaps. I am not too sure whether have u ever heard about this brand , but i am guessing now you do :) The other day i was walking around the shopping mall , and this store instantly caught my attention with its set up and interior designs. Though from the outside it looks like a store that sells kids clothing, but they have a bunch of variety of clothes ranging from the age or 2 or 3 to adolescent

Crazing around with my brother hehe :)

 My favorite outfit of all, you see that cute little floral print bow tie. Don't you think its adorabluuu :)

I spend quite awhile at the store looking and choosing for the right outfit that suits me perfectly. I ended up purchasing a few outfits, consist of a pink dress with a belt, grat sequin cropped top, blue collared button-up shirt, and two floral prints skirt. 

I like how each pieces fits me well with the exact length and width. You know how some clothes tend to have space at the waist and it doesn't fits you perfectly at some area. Yeap, that kind if situation does frustrates me. I guess problem solve now. Gingersnaps clothes doesn't only solved my problem in buying clothes, talking about the material, it's really comfortable when i put on it as well :). 

Every pieces was a good grab. My all time favorite would be the blue collared button-up shirt and the floral print skirt belted. Loving that little bow tie there.

Owh , by the way. Hype yet :) ?