Sunday, October 2, 2011

Candy Floss

Top: Mum's
Skirt : Street Stall
Platform : Forever 21
Shades : eBay
Hat; F block
Accessories: Aldo, Gifted & Thrift 

After so long , the hat from f block is still my all time favorite accessory if i have to choose a head wear. I don't usually look good with caps or hat but i guess this fits me perfectly well.  And lately i ve finding myself  wearing this amazing multiple armor ring from Forever 21, i have to say that they do have pretty amazing rings at a cheaper range as compared to Diva. :) 

I love how the pink stands out in every single picture. Truly a good steal from the bazaar street stall that was held in my college. My college has definitely turned into my shopping spree. Despite they only have it once a while but hey they do sell clothes at the commercial block :) 



Nina said...

Oh wow Amanda! This is absolutely adorable. I love love love this skirt and you look so cute in each and every photo :)


Antonia said...

Your outfit is fabulous! I want your shoes!! ;D



Femme Virtue said...

u look as fabulous as always! loving those cute shades!

Amanda Cullen said...

@nina : Thanks my dear , i love how the color of the skirt stands out too <3

@antonia : Thanks my love ahha , its from forever 21

@michelle : Thanks my dear :D