Friday, October 7, 2011

The Club Couture

You know how i like it when every single time i opened up my mail, there's always a surprise awaits me? It does puts on a smile on my face to read those emails.Thinking about how i used to be a girl who only likes to wear t shirt and shorts and dont even give a damn about make up or even bother to wake up early in the morning just to dress up. It's funny how things change, but at least is part of what i enjoy and it seems i am still having fun with it. I tend to miss it when i neglect it, ironic isnt it.

First and for all i would like to thank Nerissa from Club Couture, for sponsoring  few beautiful pieces for me. They have a range of items from dresses, bag to even accessories, not to mention they just new launched their  Autumn/ Winter 2011 Flair Collection. & i have to day they are really amazing. Moreover they were even sweet enough to send along a surprise gift.:) This post is fully credit to them :)

I am wearing a twisted back tunic and i paired it with aTextured black skirt. I how the back of the top looked like, with a twisted structure cut right down in the middle. Something funky. I ve also been searching and  hunting for a high waist black body-con skirt for a very long time, more like a suitable one , i guess Nerissa just emailed me at the very right moment and the very right time :) Not to mention, DIY earings and gifted rings:)

Have a nice weekend ya'll , i hope mine is nice to me as well !
Last but not least , check out CLUB COUTURE :)

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Gaby de Modacapital said...

I really love your blog,
I follow you ( I´M THE NUMBER 100):D!
maybe if you want, you could visit my blog too,
( I hope you like it, and follow me back ;)

Amanda L said...

Hi aww Lols thanks and yea you are the number 100 fan and i love ur blog as well equally interetsing L(