Sunday, August 14, 2011

Ballerina Dream

A day to look forward too.
Last weekend, it was indeed a hectic day for me as i was so pack with loads of work to do on that day.
Nicholas Kew my beloved friend decided to have another fun photo shoot at his area once again.
I was having this ballerina feel for the day , so i started ransacking my closet to find the perfect top to match with this chiffon skirt. 

I wanted to pair it with a dropped off shoulder over-sized top but it did not embrace the feel that i was looking for. Not to mention i was already late , and they were waiting for me , and my hair was still soaking wet after a bath with no make up on at all.
So i finally found the right tube leopard dress. Yes it was a body hugging dress and i managed to fold up the end so it looks shorter and wouldnt be so obvious when i wear it with the skirt

and tadaaa this is how i look :)
Despite i have to climb into this big drain but i still manage to suck it up :)

As usual, wearing my favourite wedges from Kiss and Tell. Thanks Michelle so much :)

Tube Dress : Hype by Diane Lee
Skirt: F block
Wedges: Kiss and Tell
Accessories: Gifted, Thrift store, Diva, Forever 21
Hat : F block

I was also having a love hate relationship with my hair and the weather. At times it can be super cooling and neat and at times it could be hot and messy. 

Hype yet :)


Miss Independent said...

u look fabulous! can't believe u went into the big drain!

Liu Ryan said...
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chicqua said...

Love this..adore the skirt,its beautiful and u look amazing:-)

Fashion In Full said...

This photoshoot is amazing! the environment was so very perfect for the outfit you had, and the F block hat MADE that outfit, and probably helped out with your hair delema :/

I LOVE it.