Saturday, August 13, 2011

Claw You Up

Even i cant remember how long have I been eyeing on claw rings and bracelet .Its hard to find such rings when you know not everyone likes the partner of it. Some people just feels odd wearing those type of rings. 

Like my mum said, i always have weird taste in cloths, accessories and stuff. Ohh well , at least i know i am content and happy with what i like :)

Isnt it beautiful :) Thanks to cheryl from Cherished who ask me to check out this blogshop call Delirious Accessories because they do sell claw rings. My instant reaction was straight away order it with no hesitation. However, they ask me to check out they store boutique at Asian Avenue. So i went and apparently it sold out. Not that i know that my beloved Emilie heard me mentioning about it , and she went over to bought for me instead. Which means she bought the last one for me. Thanks jimui, i love you :). 

 In to my rings collection now :)

So now, its time to hunt for claw bracelet:)

Source by Wardrobeflux
Isnt it a beautiful art ;)

GAAAH ! <3