Friday, July 22, 2011


In my whole life, never have i ever step into any waxing shop before. Well i guess god is finally giving me a chance to experience it. So this time round i actually have the opportunity to experience the one of a kind treatment provided by WAXXX along with my beloved Mandy and a few others.
If youre asking me was i nervous or scared , well hell yea i was. I would probably be lying if i said no.

Waxxx is located opposite  the main road of Aman Suria area. I was having a lil problem searching and hunting for it because i came from the other directions. However, i still manage to find my way there. Thanks so much to Mandy and Kelly for giving me the direction and my biggest hug to you to drop me off and waited for me there too. Thank you is definitely not enough for it.

So the moment i step into the saloon, the feeling of comfort and artistic immediately hit me. I love the interior design, the structure of the saloon and what i love the most is , the chalks and blackboard. I ve always been a person who fancies artistic design and structure. The idea of them using that concept immediately caught my attention.

 lovely isnt it :)

Their rooms are comfortable and relaxing, it instantly ease away my tension and fear. Moreover, you dont have to worry about their hygiene measure because WAXXX is one hell of a saloon that puts a 100% concern and is enormously strict with their hygiene measurements.They truly believes that hygiene plays an essential, vital and important role in this field and business.  Therefore, all the tools used are sterilized with a hospital grade disinfectant. 100% trustable :)

Furthermore, WAXXX is specialized in their hair removal services, particularly in male and female Brazilian waxing. Not to mention they offer a variety of services from temporary hair removal to permanent hair reduction too.
 I personally get the chance to try out their hollywood hair reduction service.

Besides that, WAXXX also have a substantial variety of retail products are for sale such as the Lightening Gel for Sensitive Area. It is perfect use for both males and females, suitable for all skin type , it absorbs quickly and dries within a second.Moreover, it does not contains alcohol, fragrances, dyes, parabens, hydroquinone acid or other potential irritants. Therefore, it is perfectly safe and fine to be use.

Not to forget about the therapist themselves. Thanks to them for being so friendly and spontaneous. This was because i was first on line to go and obviously i was carrying a nervous , tension and excited moment at once, walking into the room. Kelly , the owner and also one of the therapist at WAXXX was the female therapist of the day. Unfortunately i didnt get the chance to snap a picture with her but however i have to thank her for provided us this unforgettable experience for me and for making me less nervous and tension. The pain was bearable :)

 This is the only picture i was able to snap with my one and only dearest Mandy :) As i ve mention , i didnt get the chance to take or snap any pictures with the rest of the member and the owner. But here's a picture of them with the WAXXX owner :)

(Image taken from by Karmun)

This is Kelly Tan , partner owner and beautician at WAXXX. She was the one who help all the pretty ladies that day, and one thing i have to say, NO awkward-ness in the room with her at all. She was the one who ease away my tension and fear ;)

(Image taken from by Jamie Liew)

 The boys with the therapist and the owner himself. 
See the bald guy there.,doesnt he look familiar at all ?
Okay lets roll back and have a little recap back in 2008 , shall we :)

Does this look familiar. David Tan the owner of WAXXX is the man who spends RM40k to propose to her girlfriend which is also the partner owner of WAXXX.

Last but not least, i shall present you the rest of the members who was there with me too ;)

(Image taken from by Jamie Liew)

Be sure to check out this hip and trendy place :)

WAXXX Hair Removal Experts 
J-G-17, JLN PJU 1/43. Aman Suria, 47301 Petaling Jaya, Selangor. 
  (03) 7880 5588 .
And do visit their website too , at


dephne kawazoe kumiko said...

is this which the "itchy" thing about? LOL :P

Amanda Cullen said...

haha dephne yes it is :) is the itchy thing we were talking about :)

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