Friday, July 29, 2011

Bloody Mary

Bought a new blazer here:) . Lucky for me and Mandy, we got this from Topshop at a super reasonable price. Never regret getting it even though it burns a hole in my pocket but its worth it. My friend once told me if you really want to get something , make sure you pay it at a long term life time amount of quality worth for. If you want to invest , invest for the best . That sentences just hit me and woke me up for once. It is true, that you pay for what you get.  I would rather invest in something that i could wear  for as long as i want , if i have a choice. So why not if it's once a while.

If you know me , you 'll probably know that i am the biggest fan for rings. I would probably have the most odd, ugly, weird and unique rings on earth . Gaah i am still looking for a claw ring and bracelet . Like chicken claw type of ring. Determine to find one for such a long long time.

red blazer :  Topshop
stripes blouse : Cotton On
Tauped Pants :  Topshop
Platform : Forever 21
Clutch : Flea Market
Accesories : Flea Market , DIVA 

Reality is hitting real soon.
Cant believe in few days time , my one a month half honeymoon holiday is coming to an end. No i somehow want it to last longer :) , because i think i am having alot of fun :) Anyhow , for the whole entire holiday, i ve took up some part time job here and there. Work for Cellsafe and became an usher for KL Sogo. I have to say it wasnt that bad afterall, especially knowing the real taste of earning your own god damn money at once. It feels good :)

However what i did for the pass one month plus was beyond then amazing.  Here's a recap of roughly what i did.

Dinner at palate Palette with the girlfriends and the boys :) It was more like a birthday and in the same time farewell dinner for two of my babies. A month plus with her wasn't enough i have to say :) & yet i miss her even though i don't say it for show it but i do .

Went down to Malacca for the food , food and :) still food. 

Help Adlin hun for her make up examination :) I have a great time because its sort of my very first time experiencing creative make up :D Theme was rainbow of course.

Have the life time experience working as an usher for KL Sogo launching day for the new Club. For consecutively five days straight. It was freaking hell tiring and complains but the bitching and gossiping section just covered up :D

Hit the pub at Sunway Giza for almost every week i should say. New place to hang out after all ;)

I just didnt want it to end , that soon.