Thursday, July 21, 2011

Forever, Youre My Boy

Top : Time Square
Skirt : Cotton On
Wedges : Forever 21
Accessories : Diva and Forever 21

Bought this sheer top from time square the other day when i was shopping around with the bunch. Its something similar to the sheer top that Mandy have from topshop, however i ve been looking for one like this for quite some time already. Glad i found it. :D

Hype Yet ? :D

Everyone is beautiful in your own way. Jessica Lee Pei Qing, to whom ever you may be , what you said really make me realized your definition of beautiful. Yes you are right doing charity and helping others is beautiful , but you re feeling that no one is giving you attention on what you do whereas others people , that you so called  claim as bitches, are getting the attention without doing anything. You feel that only pretty girls and handsome boys get all the attention whereas ugly fat people doesn't. Then i am gonna tell you that , you are wrong. I know is easy to say because i am not in your shoes. You may think that i don't have weight issue but apparently i do have and i did have. But i don't go around telling everyone life is unfair and why others get attention and i don't. Never once in my life i ever regret being who i am. So what if i was called fat ,so what if i don't get attention from others. This is because it is the fact that i am fat and i am okay if no one ever notice me. I do rant, feel sad and down once awhile,  thinking and admiring why cant i be like her or look like this. This is life you know , everything is not perfect. Flaw is created for a reason. I know sitting down and complain is never going to bring me anywhere, so what i do is change. So don't you ever say i never put in any effort in getting what i want. Duplicating me is not a way to get attention. Just so you know you are already in the spotlight of others when you do charity and help people around you. Be happy and proud of yourself that you actually have the biggest heart then anyone else.


prettystellar said...

i love how forever 21 is coming out with so many cute shoes! I contemplated on getting those wedges but decided not to. i do think theyre so cute though!

Amanda Cullen said...

exactly :) love all their shoes tho. :) i am like a fan of their shoe. You should get one those :) its so nice :D