Monday, July 18, 2011

Monster Eater

Never have i ever fell that good after such a long hectic week i had. & this shall be my temporary header :)

I ve been planning to blog about this like weeks ago but i just couldn't find the right time to sit down and talk about it. Sometimes i do wonder why cant boys dress like that , even if there's only 10% of the boys out there dress exactly like this here , i would be more than grateful and happy. :)

" If you want to have a full access to my body , please dress like this " - JessLovesFred

so color blocking :)

Source : Kevin Novart  & Gianni Sarracino


Sue Zen said...

bcos they are not gays please how to dress like that lolol.

and damn kua jeong lahh.

Antonia said...

Very stylish guys!
My fave is definitely the one who did the color blocking, he looks amazing!!!^^