Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I Have A Rescue Song

This week is such a hectic week. I am once again filled with assignment. I am really so god damn bored with the word assignment. However , this is reality , nothing comes easy and we all just have to struggle to get to the top. So therefore i needed some air to breath apart from those mind-killing homeworks -.- 

But anyhow i cant deny this month its been a pretty exciting month :) It has something to do with what i love the most. So few weeks ago , Joyce from the R.AGE e mailed me and asked me whether am i interested to be feature in The Star newspaper. I was of course super thrilled when i read that message :) . 

 The online version :)

It makes me feel i am one step closer to my dream , this is what i dream off & i am truly happy :)

However , happy enough that i received another e mail from Tongue In Chic . Well i ll save the news for the next post or the following post when things are more settle down :)

But first , 
Visit them :)  

Thank you so much , for everything :) 

It my lookbook time :)

Top : Kiss and tell
Skirt : Miss Selfridge 

However, this is part of Kiss and tell upcoming collection :) a sneak preview :) Michelle from Kiss and Tell was asking whether i could help out :) When is comes to fashion , since when would i ever say no ;) I could give in my heart and soul for it ;) 



tammy said...

love your style, it´s really cool, love it,

Antonia said...

love this outfit!
so so so cute! :)

nice blog. i found it on lookbook....love your pics.

follow back?

hoping to see you on our blog.

Beatrice Jeanne Tan said...