Friday, April 1, 2011

Catch Me If You Can

Suck my balls , assignment.
Youre driving me crazy.
I am feeling really out of my way and lost now , so many things to do but so little time . I have this to catch up i have that to follow on i have so many things to do . 

Its CHIC pop tomorrow and i just realised it clashes with STYLO event. I have the invitation for STYLO and I want to go for CHIC pop. Its really the true define of dress to impress tomoro. Tongue in chic will be there and so many more. They suggest that i come before or after the event but but..... even i dont know what time does the event end. Somehow i feel that bboth places are quite near to each other.

Anyway yesterday was Mist Club 2nd anniversary . Jo cousin was the organizer , so therefore we have free VIP passes . I get to taste the most awesome champagne. I was never a big fan of it , because all of them some how taste the same to me ;) But MOET was so different. It has those sour and not so sweet taste and it was just perfect. Overall it was a fun night :)

And i have a new baby ;) Wanna take a look at it ?

Top : forever 21
Bottom : topshop
Belt : zara
wedges : forever 21
bag : gift
rings : forever 21 & diva

hype yet?