Saturday, March 26, 2011

Hello Sunshine

Are you having some color blocking ?

 Top : Zara
Shorts : Forever 21
Sweater : Gift
Belt : Mum's closet
Heels ; Nicchi 

Like the colour of the whole outfit :) Because i do :)
So eye catching and i kind of got this inspiration from YSL summer collection and also Gucci's summer collection :)
The mixture of the colour was so brave and eye catching. That was what caught my attention ;) 
I just love the whole combination , i was afraid it will turn out bad but i guess it was not so bad afterall.

A girl can always dream, like i have said before ;) Since i have a ring and jewelries addict. I really like this YSL Arty ring. Do you know they come in like blue , green, turquoise, fuchsia ,coral and black . I love the fuchsia and the turquoise one but went i saw the red one. I immediately crave for it like how i crave for Jeffrey Campbell Lita , Miu Miu and Christian Louboutin so much ;/ Unfortunately, this ring cost about , hmm approximately RM600 . Just maybe a little bit more than that perhaps. See what i mean, well yea . Nice ring with even nicer price. Beside that , i am also a big time lover for their Tribute Pumps :) . So simple and elegant. It doesn't matter what color what skin and what texture , i still indeed love it :)

MY FAVORITE . *lovelovelove*

Look at tha red stone, jugging out there.
Isnt she a beauty :)

Pink , i big time loveeeeer :)

Tribute Pumps , so beautiful and pretty .
But i cant own those babies, now.
FML -.-
But i will, just one day. :)

So i spend the day doing my PR and CCS assignment . Those texts and words were mind-fucking with me. Not cool because few days back my stomach infection came back once again. The diarrhea dilemma . I began to wonder , is this like some type of symptom to something serious like *touchwoood* cancer ? Okaay probably not , like what the fuck am i thinking.  I think i am out of my mind from all the assignments and reading and still reading. Talking about reading , i have to do a monologue based on the movie The Princess Diaries. So, i was having a little problem pronouncing Princes Genovia's name ,Amelia Mignonette Thermopolis Renaldi , when her name was just Mia Thermopolis . Anyhow , it wasnt that hard anyway ;)

Hype yet ?

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