Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Eve 's brings a smile to everyone

Happy Chinese New Year Eve everybody :) I am guessing that everyone is having their reunion dinner now . All while , i am proud to say that i finally finished my last examination in my whole entire life. I assume it to be . & now i am enjoying every single bits of it :) Tomorrow is Chinese New Year, means more ' ang pou' and a step closer to my trip to Hong Kong. I am sorry, i am abit excited. However, i am pretty sad to finished my Foundation year with a bunch of mates that i never regret knowing :) Through out the whole 10 months plus , we have been through so many things, even though not together but indirectly we are going through the same things together. I like how we stayed back so late to edit our video , how we sacrifice our sleepless night and trips and money for filming . ahhhhh so much of a memory now :)

Nah.... why i am talking like it's the end of the world :) Shall you some of you guys in degree.
Degree sound so... old ! XD

Anyhow , was at Space the other night . Thank gosh i went even though i am not really a big fan of trance :) But at least i get to see Bass Agent :) . I have to say they were HOT like hell ;)

Clockwise : Freeze , Ivan , Daniel  , Zen , Aletheia & Sum

Colleges mates : FICM Final Day :)


Clockwise : Diane , Elyn , Emilie , Tracy, Dashy , Aster, Grace , Mag, Ben Alia , Rina , Jared , Su wei , Yan , Beat & Christian

Soul Sista : Jared Lau

We , pretty girls rock !

Sexy Man Hunk :)

The Vampire Diaries , Kononnya HAHAHA!

My Ji Mui :)

Emo sial :)

FICM ; 2010

Latest loook :)
Being shopping for my Chinese New Year the other day , and i think i spend alil too much heheh :) But its a once in a while thing , i dont always spend that much , so i should tell myself its a once in a while thing. LOL so self-handicapping ! 

Top : Mum's
Short : Topshop
Leggings : Topshop
Oxford Shoe : Topshop
Bag : topshop
Rings : DIY
Headband : DIY
Belt : Mum's

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