Sunday, January 30, 2011

Who wants a lacey macey taste of love ?

Yet another inspiring designers on line now :) 
Second ideal designers of mine.
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Nhã Khanh was founded by Khanh Nguyen, whom is the head designer for the company. Khanh’s personality is naturally drawn to design feminine, elegant and fluid apparel pieces. Nini Nguyen, the Creative Director of Nhã Khanh with natural talents in putting together pieces that best fits and enhances a woman’s appearance. Nini’s fashion characteristics are masculine, bold and edgy. 

The collaboration between Khanh Nguyen and Nini Nguyen began with Nini’s wedding gown. Khanh was a reader of “”, a popular fashion blog with tips on how to dress and shop. Unbeknownst to Khanh, Nini was also a huge fan of Nha Khanh. When Nini became engaged, she promptly contacted Khanh to begin designing a wedding gown for her upcoming nuptials. They developed the concept of the gown together and in the process became fast friends. From their vastly different inclinations, their unlikely partnership was forged out of mutual respect for each other's style. Together they are the “dynamic duo” of Nhã Khanh to design the Ready-To-Wear line and the Black Velvet collection which serves as exclusive custom-made and limited edition. The inputs of both women and their belief in “opposite attracts” perfectly join together the multifarious qualities of a woman.  

Founder of Nha Khanh

Nini Nyugen in one of my favourites . hehe

A few of my favorites from their Spring 2011 Collections :)

I am always a lace lover :)
So pretty.

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