Monday, January 24, 2011

I Like It Like That , So Don't You Ever Stop Me

Its never too late to start it back again :)

Heeeellloooo hello ;)
I am nerding half way , planning to google some stuff and loook, tadaa here i am :) I know i do suck , lack of updates, neglecting it , dumping it a side and yes my blog is so dead too , but as i said before it's never too late to start it back again :) . At least i update, once in a while :)

So yesterday i dropped by F block and i manage to find this awesome chiffon skirt ,very similar to a tutt-tutt skirt . It have like pearls sew on to it and i have to say i really love it :) Finally found something that i really wanted to get so badly :) Bought a hat and a dear skill ring :) I think i ve totally being a ring collector , fancy rings collector, like those type of rings that is so rare you see people wearing it , and i plan to collect those. I guess i ve been very much influence by Jessica Tran from JessLovesFred :) .

I would probably shop more often there , the stuff there are fucking cheap ;)

So finals is this week , having my listening and speaking test tomorrow. Cross fingers and i hope i dont screw that up. I dont wanna give my english lecture to deduct any marks as possible . Just so know , she marks pretty strict for everything . No mercy man !

& its time to nerd , again.

I am practically wearing mostly everything from F block :)
Top : Supre
Skirt : F block 
Brown Sling Bag : Teetoo
Rings : F block and F21
Hat : F Block

I see double vision of my reflection :)


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