Friday, February 4, 2011

A Year Without You , It's Like A Year Without Snow :)

Happy Chinese New Year Everyoneeee :)
May you have a prosperity Rabbit year hehe.
My new year was spend just like usual :) Visitation to few houses and collect ang pou ang pou hehehe :) $$$$
So many food and food and still food.:)
But yesterday i was so tired and i caught a flu -.- . Seriously man , without fail , i always get sick during Chinese New Year . I wonder why ?
But overall it was a good day

Fooood Time :)

Ku ma's dish :)

Mummy's dish :)
Uncle Khu's dish

Style Journal :)
Kind of what i  wore on the first day of Chinese New Year :)

Blazer : Sungai wang
Dress : Kiss and Tell ; OB Courture
Platform Heels : Forever 21
Clutch : Forever 21
Stockings : DIY
Body Chain : DIY

 The first time i saw the clutch , i was really in love with the details. It has flower and floral tinted on it and one thing awesome about it is... its in leather brown color :) hehehehe It has alil vintage feel thats why i like it ;) Soul sista love it tooo ;)


Sometimes when i think about it i do feel sad , but sometimes when i think about it i know i am doing the right thing. However , when i look at it i feel so terrible , when i think about it again , i tell myself that you're not the only one with it , so why dont you just have fun now .

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