Sunday, February 21, 2016

What to Wear to a EXO Concert .

When it comes to attending a live concert , for me half the fun of attending one is picking out what to wear . Is like how you want to stand out among a sea of fans but still want to feel comfortable in an outfit that you can jump , dance and yelled as much as you want right ? Well, that is exactly how I feel.

For me, I like to dress up according to what kind of concert I am attending . If I am attending a Rock Band concert , I will dress up in a rock chic kind of outfit , with really dark  and gothic kind of make up and hair set-up ; If I am attending a K-pop Concert , I would definitely dress up all K-Style.

In conjunction with EXO Concert that is happening real soon, I came up with three types of outfits , three types of make up and three types of hair set-up that you could go to a Korean Concert with and not forgetting , looking like one of them too :p

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Types of Make-Up 

Look 1 :-

 photo MakeUp1_zpsmgffzqxw.jpg

 photo unnamed_zpskhp9traa.jpg

For the first look , I ll keep it simple just the way the Koreans do with some light brown eye shadow , a sharp thin-line of eyeliner and a soft touch of pink lip stain.  Nothing to heavy here just something light and easy.

Look 2 :-

 photo unnamed 11 800_zpsl4aijyvm.jpg

 photo unnamed 1_zps9ewv2w3h.jpg

 photo unnamed 2_zps69mmhlrp.jpg
I personally love the second though :) For this , I added some brown eye shadow to cover the edge of my eyes to make my eyes look slightly bigger and brighter. As for the lips , I ll keep the soft touch of pink lip stain on. Pretty digging this whole look for sure.

Look 3 :-

 photo unnamed 16_zpsa8rryymm.jpg

 photo unnamed 800_zpsmy1jkjnf.jpg
As for the last look, I'll take it abit more heavier with some black shadow and finishing the whole look with a bright matte rouge lipstick. I personally love red lipstick because i feel it instantly makes a statement to your whole look or you could say , your whole make-up look.

Types of Hair-Do

Look 1 :-

 photo unnamed 5 800_zpsiinxcrxl.jpg

 photo unnamed 6 800_zpscioey7n2.jpg
Look 1 , keeping my hair straight and smooth. Sometimes the simplest hair set-up is actually the most appealing hair set-up too. On a side note to this look , I am quite of a hats & caps person. Therefore, to finish this whole hair set-up look , I will definitely go with snapback ! Like anytime , haha:)

Look 2 :-

 photo unnamed 6 800_zpsy2vbrgjo.jpg

 photo unnamed 7 800_zpsvqrm8lmr.jpg

 photo unnamed 10c800_zpsp48f6lsl.jpg
Here comes the wavy wavy curly hair for Look number 2 . When I visited Seoul 3 years back , one thing I like about the girls there is obviously their skin haha and second thing I like about them is their hair. Lets ... just focus on Korean Girls with Long hair. I like how they have this wavy touch at the edge of their hair , looked pretty damn sweet actually :)

Look 3 :-

 photo unnamed 5800_zpswgo0r7ht.jpg

 photo unnamed 4 800_zpsql6lks7x.jpg

 photo unnamed 2800_zps4za4jgx1.jpg
For the 3rd Look , still keeping the wavy curls on but the only differences is I pinned it up to have a neater look. Keep all three hair set-up look to be simple , comfortable , easy and versatile :)

Types of Outfits

Look 1 :-

 photo unnamed 9_zpscajmdfna.jpg

 photo unnamed 10_zpsqt0hm8xh.jpg

 photo unnamed 7_zpsqf3x70kt.jpg
For Look 1 , I got my inspiration from one of my favourite Famous Korean Female band. Decked in a crop top and high-waisted skirt , along with my sneakers and a over-the-shoulder bomber jacket to finish this look :) Pretty K-Pop dont 'chu think haha .

Look 2 :-

 photo unnamed 12 800_zpsye3wacmy.jpg

 photo unnamed 13 800_zpsarjfrtja.jpg

 photo unnamed 15 800_zpsuq4jopr7.jpg
Outfit number 2 is also an inspiration I got from the same K-pop band.  I love how they make a sweater and a shorts outfit look so dope. So I was thinking, why no recreate the look by adding in a snapback and a pair of high-top sneakers as well. Looks comfortable and cool at the same time right ? Haha

Look 3 :-

 photo unnamed 7800_zps0kfjyi90.jpg

 photo unnamed 6c 800_zps9syma9yz.jpg

 photo unnamed 8800_zpsuata63sz.jpg
As for Look number 3, since the previous two outfits are more tomboy , I was thinking lets go with something more soft and feminine. :) Grab a spaghetti crop top , a tennis look-alike skirt and a white sneakers , basically you are good to go with a look like this for a concert .

So there you have it . Three different looks to play around with if you're picking an outfit for a concert.