Tuesday, September 9, 2014


There is always a saying that , a women can never have too many shoes. Well, I totally agree with that, because like what Coco Chanel said , ' A women with good shoes is never ugly".

I have a tiny obsession when it comes to shoes, when I like them I will try my best to owned them. Shoes are the soul that defines you , they can make you feel empower, elegant , exquisite and at least for me they make me fell happy, confident and comfortable. I personally love high heels and boots, second off with sneakers and sandals.

High heels are pleasure with pain, the more it hurts your feet the more you want to wear them. For others it may be a sense of torturing but I guess I have indulge the pain into a certain type of pleasure, like wise. Boots are the stylish comforter. There are comfortable , chic and easy to match with any outfits. Sneakers and Sandals are sporty and edgy ; it's the new trend now anyway.

For me ,I usually clean them once in a blue month or perhaps once every month because I enjoy the process of owning them and I do admire them as well. Here's part of my shoe collection. I still have whole lot of shoes that needs to be clean up and polish but I guess till next time then !

 photo Untitled-1_zps2cc4f9fd.jpg

 photo IMG_0713_zpsf8ead755.jpg

 photo IMG_0716_zps85d990f2.jpg

 photo IMG_0717_zps127b8ca0.jpg

 photo IMG_0719_zps4a6d7c1c.jpg

 photo IMG_0720_zpse7de8424.jpg

 photo IMG_0711_zps3d3f1755.jpg


Tanya said...

I like the Jeffrey Campbells boots.


Sydney said...

any chance u selling some of them?