Saturday, May 10, 2014

SugarPlum CandyFloss X DIVA

Holla everyone, how's the weekend going? Well for me I am super excited to blog about what I've received a week ago. First, let's give a moment to DIVA Accessories because I would like to sincerely thank them and Su Wei as well for preparing such a great surprise to presented me a whole bunch of accessories, basically I can choose anything I want in the store. Now now, how can I not thank them !!

Thanks guys , you made me feel all hyped up and awesome that day. So here's just a Part 1 of the whole DIVA Accessories experience. I've pick up a few necklace, rings and bangles to match and create a few outfit, so here's the first one .

 photo IMG_8313_zps5329e5ec.jpg

 photo IMG_8315_zps9e179b48.jpg

 photo IMG_8317_zpsca30db09.jpg

 photo IMG_8325_zps6ec2d887.jpg

 photo IMG_8329_zpse167ac1b.jpg

 photo IMG_8336_zps28621f05.jpg

 photo IMG_8305_zps56f9e9b0.jpg

 photo IMG_8309_zpsdad4db0f.jpg

 photo IMG_8303_zpse1e97256.jpg

 photo IMG_8296_zpse696acf9.jpg

 photo IMG_8291_zpsb15ff183.jpg

 photo IMG_8285_zpsf1054d2f.jpg

 photo IMG_8279_zpsb4f21e3d.jpg

Matching this amazing layer gold chain necklace and a few gold bangles from DIVA Accessories with an all black suit outfit definitely pops out the gold accessories . Making them the limelight of the entire look. It was rather fun to have pick the accessories up and thinking at the same time, what will I match it with ?

The moment when I spotted the layer chain necklace, all I had in mind was Edgy , Egyptian , Black and Bold. You have to admit that the necklace does look pretty Gypsy and Egyptian ! Well, it was nice and something fresh for me, so why not right ! As for the bangles, I wanted something simple and minimalistic thus I've chosen a few of this bangles which I think it's really nice, straight-forward and less complicated at all. One of it even have my initials on it , definitely a scored for that !

Nonetheless, a big round of a thank you to DIVA Accessories for these amazing pieces, more to come yet so stay tuned guys.

Have a good weekend !

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