Sunday, May 18, 2014

Kendra's Miami Fashion Challenge

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I'm feeling rather excited now as I'm typing this out. As you can see, this blogpost it's all going to be about Kendra's Miami Fashion Challenge. You may asked, who is Kendra? Well before I resume this post, let me introduce you to the one and only Kendra Thornton.

Kendra is a well know travel expert, for all the travel lovers out there, I m sure you know this amazing lady and as for those who have not heard about her, well now you do or perhaps check her out at her TWITTER and WEBSITE as well. Kendra Thornton have been featured on several news channels and shows such as Tyra Banks and Nate Berkus, therefore it has been such a honour to received her email for inviting me to join this fabulous challenge that she recently came up with.

Basically , Kendra and her husband is planning a getaway to Miami, Florida. They have plan this whole entire trip with the help of Gogobot to sort out their accommodations hotel and many more. What she have in mind was ,while she's there she wants to look absolutely fabulous, glamorous and chic at the same time. Therefore, she came up with this exclusive project to gather various fashion style , tips and inspirations from all around the globe.  I m more then thrilled to be part of her project.

So here's how it goes, for me when I think about Miami, I think about sun, beaches, heat, summer, nightlife and most importantly pure relaxing. Therefore, I've mix and match and created a few mood boards here according to her daily agenda, just so she could get a hang of what outfit she should wear or what outfit she wants to wear while she's there. 

I created four occasion/mood boards which consist the Beach Bashing , Casual Comfort , Spa Sensation and Dinner Date. Hope you like it Kendra, xx .

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When it comes to the beaches, it's all about showing more skin and less clothes. Therefore, go all wild out and color-blocking on the beach, it's absolutely legal and fun !

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It doesnt matter whether are you going for a spa treatment or heading down to the beach, for me it's important to always look good no matter whee you go!

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Decking in some colors into you day to day outfit while you're in Miami its a must. Afterall, Miami is place filled with so much sunshine and summer breeze.

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When it comes to dinner date, you can either go with the sizzling sexy style or the irresistibly chic style ; both compliments the dinner theme well. For me, if you dont want to look over dress or under dress, pick solid colours like black, red or any neutral colours , because you can never go wrong with these timeless colours

Hope you guys love it as well.

Till then, have a good week ahead