Thursday, September 12, 2013

High Street or Designer ?

When it comes to high street fashion or designer fashion, many would be have a slight dilemma on whether are they actually into designer's brands or are they actually into style and high street fashion brands. Well for me first and foremost , I would say I'm more towards high street fashion but that doesn't mean I m not into designer's fashion ;  I mean who doesn't love to own a Chanel Classic Flap Bag and dress in Louise Vuitton :). Secondly, it's affordable to indulge into high street fashion. You get to choose various amount of choice by paying almost only half of the designer's price. Moreover, being a student is one restriction for me to splurge into designer and I absolutely see myself in the category of high street fashion.

 photo Saint-Laurent-vs-ASOS_zps2222378b.jpg

 photo VB-vs-Topshop_zpsa3fdc79e.jpg

 photo Veda-v-Zara_zps90cc5367.jpg

 photo Christian-Louboutin-vs-Topshop_zps37aaa631.jpg

 photo Miu-Miu-vs-Topshop-Pumps_zps08bb434d.jpg

 photo Chloe-vs-Deena-Ozzy_zpse72a42a7.jpg

Well here a slight evaluation between high street fashion and designer's fashion.

 photo Untitled-211_zps41d10bfa.jpg

Prepare by : Compare Hero

So which are you ?