Wednesday, June 5, 2013

'Between the lines

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As the final assessment due date is getting nearer, i can feel a sense of freedom in the air at the same time the tension to finish up everything. Yesterday's media law exam was indeed intense. The thought that i might not be able to finish in time due to time constraint, I guess i finally just push myself hardly to answer everything as fast as possible. & this is the very reason why I ve been a while for couple of days; I did have the urge and crave to update this space but i guess i was just too damn carried away by the workload.

Now that everything is almost coming to and end, I shall update this space more frequent. Tucking in to the comfortable monotone color, I slack it through the day with this look. A button down silk top with my two tone pants.

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Top : Eye Candie | Pants : taobao | Heels: Zara | Sling clutch : H&M

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