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The Trench Kisses : Burberry Prorsum A/W 2013 Womenswear

Have you guys manage to seen the live streaming on Burberry Prorsum Autumn/Winter 2013 Womenswear on the blog? If you haven, dont worry because you can still watch it now. Automatically streaming still on my blog (above)

1. Trench Kisses

I would like to say that Burberry Collection had blew me away once again without failed. With the theme trench kisses, Burberry showed it's Burberry Prorsum Womenswear Autumn/Winter 2013 collection that is inspired by Burberry classics, sixties beauty and featuring an iconic Burberry color palette.

 photo 20130219_BurberryProrsumWomenswearAutumnWinter2013Collection6_zps7fb916ed.jpg

 photo 20130219_BurberryProrsumWomenswearAutumnWinter2013Collection4_zpsf65ee18e.jpg

 photo 20130219_BurberryProrsumWomenswearAutumnWinter2013Collection3_zps10cc7ebc.jpg

 photo 20130219_BurberryProrsumWomenswearAutumnWinter2013Collection2_zps6e24d21f.jpg

 photo 20130219_BurberryProrsumWomenswearAutumnWinter2013Collection1_zps9404d36f.jpg

 photo 20130219_BurberryProrsumWomenswearAutumnWinter2013Collection_zps4ed4cf7a.jpg

 photo winter2013showfinale_zps016882e5.jpg

  • For me , I simply love every pieces on the runway show. My personal favorite has got to be the camel trench coats and the high waisted rubberized skirts, especially those with the rubber ones. The trench coat are constructed from modern and heritage rainwear fabrics. & The fitted gabardine body is overlaid with a rubber rain shield, gun flaps and sleeves, while the lower panel is crafted from translucent rubber. Not to forget, the Metal-detail epaulettes complete the whole design.


a. Styles
Consists of trench coats, cabans, Chesterfields, topcoats, regimental greatcoats, column dresses, shell dresses, cropped trousers

b. Fabrics
Cotton gabardine, glossy cashmere, glossy calfskin, and laminated python print leather

c. Colors
White, camel, oxblood, red, black, gold

d. Accessories 
Crush bags, kitten wedges, animal print sunglasses, gold band belts

e. Make up
Golden glow with Trench Kiss lips, Oxblood Burberry Nail Polish

Talking about the Make up, the show was the first time that Burberry premiered the new Trench Kisses make up look and collection.

 photo burberrymakeupattheburberryprorsumwomenswearautumnwinter2013show-thelook1_zps253f26ca.jpg

The Sophisticated glowing look as seen at the Burberry Prorsum autumn/winter 2013 show gives a 
fresh golden nude complexion enhanced with light contouring and also touches of gold on eyelids combined with deep black eye lashes and defined eyes. This is inspired by ‘60s beauty Trench Kiss lips and what was perfect enough is the Oxblood nails finishes the look.

 photo cc22bde1-9275-419e-9f60-4d2d71321d9a_zpse4af9353.jpg

As part of the show, Burberry also introduced their Burberry Nail Polish to its beauty collection, launching in stores in Autumn 2013. The color worn by the models in the show was Oxblood, which is also an inspired by the ready-to-wear and accessories collections.


 photo winter2013show_zpsa8592963.jpg
Kate Beckinsale, 

 photo a012a31c-cf66-4d30-927b-d8270fc8e9c0_zps5a5174df.jpg
Melanie Laurent, 

 photo d276bd2d-68bd-4783-81ba-6f088e3a55dd_zps62b086c3.jpg
Michelle Dockery 

 photo 52145f22-f1a7-4a95-98bb-3bc39ac9561e_zpsc0ef2a7b.jpg
Gabriella Wilde.

 photo winter2013show-001_zpsf5c7247f.jpg
Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

To get Rosie Huntington looks, here's the list of make up she used.

 photo Makeuppallete_zpsb6e11d3b.jpg

 photo Makeuppallete3_zps223ca2a8.jpg

 photo Makeuppallete1_zps30a22213.jpg

 photo Makeuppallete2_zps07d91266.jpg

 photo 20130219_Getthelook-RosieHuntington-WhiteleywearingBurberrymakeup_zpsee09b182.jpg

 photo 20130219_Getthelook-RosieHuntington-WhiteleywearingBurberrymakeup2_zps067d8aa4.jpg

Just in case you adore the look so much, which I do. Here's a little something for you guys to know about the make up :)

 photo 20130219_BurberrymakeupattheBurberryProrsumWomenswearAutumnWinter2013show-TheLook_zps8486e9be.jpg

Application Tips 


  • Apply Effortless Mascara in Midnight Black No.01 to curled top lashes, focusing on the root of the lashes for
    a deep dark lash line. Remove excess mascara with a clean mascara wand.
  • Fill in the top lash line between lashes with Kajal Pencil in Poppy Black No.01, to create an intense lashline
    with soft definition
  • Apply Sheer Eyeshadow in Pale Barley No.22 to the eyelid
  • Gently contour the socket line with Sheer Eyeshadow in Gold Trench No.04
  • Brighten the inner corners of the eye with a touch of Lip Glow in Trench Kiss No.24
  • Apply Kajal Pencil in Stone No.104 on the inner rim of the eyes to open and slightly brighten


  • Use Sheer Concealer to highlight the face – through the centre (forehead, nose, cupid’s bow, chin) and under
    eyes (rose-toned shades) to diminish dark circles and even the complexion
  • Mix Fresh Glow with Sheer Foundation before applying to create a sheer, luminous base. Begin application at
    the centre of the face, blending out towards the edge of the face for a natural look with an effortless appearance
  • Add touches of Fresh Glow over the base to create a healthy gold glowing effect – focus on cheekbones, nose,
    forehead and chin
  • When the base is even, set the look with a light dusting of Sheer Powder around the nose to remove excess


  • Contour the cheekbones with Light Glow in Earthy Blush No.07


  • Highlight the bow of the upper lip with Lip Glow in Trench Kiss No.24
  • Apply Lip Mist in Trench Kiss No.216 to the lip, pressing in with fingertips for a more natural finish
  • Add a little Lip Glow in Trench Kiss No.24 to the centre of the lips


  • Naturally define brows

  • Coat nails with Nail Polish in Oxblood No.303 

 photo runwaymadetoorderserviceonburberrycom_zpse2099bf1.jpg

Not to mention, the show marks Burberry's debut of  "MADE TO ORDER RUNWAY PRODUCTS SERVICE"

This service is designed to offer custom-made outwear and bags from the collection featuring personalised engraved nameplates.

Made to Order products will be available on for two weeks following the show, for delivery in nine weeks.

Last but not least, the guest celebrities that attended the show;

 photo 20130219_VIPswearingBurberrymakeupattheBurberryProrsumWomenswearAutumnWinter2013show_zps4bd9739d.jpg

 photo 20130219_VIPswearingBurberrymakeupattheBurberryProrsumWomenswearAutumnWinter2013show1_zpsa905cf93.jpg

 photo 20130219_VIPswearingBurberrymakeupattheBurberryProrsumWomenswearAutumnWinter2013show2_zpsee9a2ad1.jpg

 photo 20130219_VIPswearingBurberrymakeupattheBurberryProrsumWomenswearAutumnWinter2013show3_zpsf70871a3.jpg

Here's goofy pictures of Supermodel Cara Delevingne, &Karlie Kloss. Have a nice day ahead !
 photo winter2013show_zps04271acb.jpg