Wednesday, February 6, 2013

His 22nd Birthday

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After weeks & weeks of being so occupied and caught up with my work, I ve definitely been zoning myself out of this space for awhile now. Finding the time to update this page has been rather difficult but I promise this is only going to last for a period of time. Anyhow, Chinese New Year is just around the corner, which means I have days off to get some breather.

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However not to run out form the title, it's a little update here about the boy's birthday celebration. Seeing him turning 22, which also means I am getting a year older as well. Brought him to a recommended restaurant at Damansara Heights by my lovely bestie, indeed PLOY, Work@ clearwater was a place thats sums up perfection. Food is good, atmosphere is great, service is brilliant, & most importantly is, amazing company there.

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Leather Vest & Skirt : H&M | Skeleton Singlet Top: Topshop | Scandal Heels : Zara | Bag : Fashion Fanatic 

Wearing a leather vest over a leather skirt. It was just a day that my urge for leather decided to ran over over me.  

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