Thursday, November 29, 2012



Being able to work at Urbanscape does kills all my curiosity about what Urbanscape is about. My ear have been stuff about about how awesome was last year's Urbanscape and is a must go for this year by people and my b all year long,  my mind went blank for a second at first,  and I asked what is URBANSCAPE?

Urbanscape is practically like a normal event but bigger with mini concerts, bazaar stores, and entertainments everywhere you go, and for me I conceive is a place that they gather hipsters and hippies. Considering to be there for the first time, I would say the people there brings hipster to a whole new level.

Moreover, it was diverting working with the girls, people there basically recognizes us all for been the noisy bee bussing around the field and the pavement. Oh well, at least we were having fun.

More updates on fashion fanatic soon, cant wait to get everything solve up and done with my quota space.  

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