Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The E=Library: ss2 Mall

The first e -Library is now open at SS2 mall. I m the name The Library sounds pretty familiar to the people who lives around Petaling Jaya and Kuala Lumpur, however now The Library have open a whole new iconic brand called The E-Library that is , once again, located at SS2 Mall

The E for stands for  electronic, entertainment. and excitement. This new Library at SSTwo Mall sees an evolution of the brand and carries an electronic theme –the first of its kind among all The Libraries. It has an entertainment zone decked out with a gaming area equipped with cool Xbox Kinect, Daytona and touch screen games, a pool table as well as a e-darts section. For the songbirds, there’s also karaoke rooms where you can sing your hearts out. There’s really something for everyone at The Library at SSTwo Mall!

Just last week I was thee to attend an event called bloggerton is was an amazing event whereby bloggers are all gather together to enjoy the new concept and participate in their exciting games such as e-Darts, Pool Games and Daytona. 

We needed to form a group of three and compete with others in order to stand a chance to win amazing prizes. Thus my team mate consist of Audrey, Christine and me myself .

Since the only FAMILIAR game i know is Darts, thus i choose to play darts.

As for Audrey, pool.

Christine, Daaytonaaa ;)

Unfortunately we dint not won the competition, but heey... at least those girls won the competition. 

Overall, it was a great night. meeting people that I ve haven been seeing in awhile  and it is a great time to just catch up with them. :)

Last but not least, for more updates on future events and promotion , check out their facebook page and like them :)