Sunday, June 3, 2012

Bring me to the cosmic world

Top : Eye Candie
Hat: F Block
Boots : Kiss and Tell
Belt : Bazaar store

Been wanting to blog about this outfit weeks ago but i ve been struggling to find the best time to blog about it. I really adore the color, and how the ink splashes all over the place and pairing it with my pajamas shorts with a belt that i purchase long ago from a bazaar store at my college. On to all that, with my infamous hat that I practically used most of the time:). 

Trust me, I am so glad that I've survived through last week. It was beyond beyond beyond hectic, I almost wanted to just break down and cry on my bed. Another rough and busy busy week ahead.

I have so so many things to do, it's like so little time but tonnes to do. Someone please shot me ! I have Parkson big 2-5 summer party to blog about, Levi's jeans ID Blogger competition ( maybe i should do it tomorrow) and DEFINE Event to blog about, and opening of a new pub someone located at klang that I totally couldn't keep track with.But I am glad the boy was there for me, all the way :)

  Here we go cosmic :)


Merit said...

Very cool outfit ! :)


Rikka Wagas said...

found your blog today and I love it!!! following you, so pretty <3 xx

Amanda L said...

merits dear, thank you

hey rikka , thanks love. Glad u enjoy reading my bloog as well