Sunday, May 27, 2012

Phat Culture

Photography by Ryan Liu

Blazer: Topshop
Dress : Phat Culture
Sandals : Zara
Bracelet : Chic pop
Hat : F block
Chocker : taobao

I ve been crazily hectic for the pass few week, accurately is since the last outfit post onwards. A big apologies to for late updates and as well as Phat Culture. A week ago,  Phat Culture sent me a package and I was beyond than excited to received it and I instantly put down everything i have on my hands and tear the package up like nobodies business.

I have to say the asymmetrical dress was so nice that i couldn't wait to take an outfit post with it. Due to my hectic-ness in assignments and all and I have to drag it all towards the weekend. Nonetheless, I have also just bought the most beauty sandals ever from Zara. Surprisingly, it matches the outfit so well.

What i like the most about the dress is the color combination and design. I like how the side have two cuts out and the color is so pastel and soft, not to mention the the sheer material of the dress just slip through my legs or thighs, you name it,  every time i walked. It's comfortable, it's chic and it's suitable for any occasion as well.

Dear sandals, you are beautiful :)

Hype yet?


Jasmine said...

love the outfit!

xx jasmine

Amanda L said...

hey jasmine, thanks for the comments :)