Saturday, April 14, 2012

Life Through Instagram

How crazy can this be when i have in total of 5 assignment to submit all on the first week of May. This doesn't even sound like a mid sam holiday for me, though I have 2 weeks off but this is so damn stressful. I hate the feeling of being lost and not do anything, despite i know there is nothing i can possibly do it's just frustrating at times. Finally i understand why people always say 24 hours is just not enough, because I am in need of more than 24 hours. It's just too damn little time but so much to deal with.

However, at least i have something that cheers me up late.

 Instagram + Parcel + Sponsor = Happy Girl.

I have been dying to use Instagram since the moment it was created, people who design an application version for androids are truly genius. Thumbs up with a :) . I couldn't get my hands off my phone from spamming on it basically I am live my life through Instagram. Whee ..

I am starting to love Mac photo booth newest effect.Look at those gold fish eye, it does freaks me out at first but gash i kinda like it now. :) Those are bits and pieces of what i have been doing lately. Bought a sling bag for only RM5, total thrifted isn't it. And finally received my parcel, I've got to say I m loving what i see hehehe. Moreover, received a love letter from my dearest baby all the way from Melbourne, I miss that brown cow so much. Not to mention, back on track with cheerleading once again and missing those old times in high school where i used to stay back almost everyday just to train for the competition. That sums up everything i guess. Cheerios guys, I need an outfit post soon !

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