Friday, April 6, 2012

Back To Heaven

Dress : Club Couture
Belt: Mum's
Glitter Heels : Kiss and Tell
Bracelets : Gifted
Necklace : Gifted
Ring: Gifted

At this hour of the day, is just so nice to lay back and not think about anything , doing what i love to do most makes life so much better at times. Just came back from the boyfie place, and i am pretty exhausted after being in college for the whole day. & the shittiest thing is i left my laptop charger at his place and i only get to have it back tomorrow by the end of the day. I was so lazy to drive back even though i was just around his area. My body is tired but my mind is leading me to do something else rather than sleep. Ohh well,shall end my craps here.

Ohh yeah, since Instagram app is finally supported by android. I 'm on Instagram now :)
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