Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Petronas Reimagining Photography Chinese New Year Contest

Chinese New Year is a symbol of an actual new beginning of life,year and dreams. I am sure everyone have their very own favorite moment of Chinese New Year,well  be it the reunion dinner, the visiting and as well as receiving red packets. :)

For me, what's best about Chinese New Year would be the part where everyone come together and "Lou Shang" :) Is a tradition that every Chinese New Year , it is a must to at least have one or more then one time of what we called " Lou Yi Shang'. Its my favorite moment of Chinese New Year because first of all, it gathers every single one in your family to the table, and second of all it is a time where everyone can make a wish and hope that their dreams would come true. Your wish  could be about career, education, marriage, relationship, health and wealth as well. And lastly, that dish there ..taste damn good :)

So that practically summarize why i chose this picture for the Petronas Reimagining  Photography Contest.My theme for this picture would definitely be " Lou Yi Shaang AHHH !!"

 Thanks to Petronas for coming such great idea for everyone to share their moments.

So, whats your favorite moment of Chinese New Year?
Join the Petronas Reimgaing Photography Contest by Submit a picture of your favorite reimagining picture to their facebook page :)

1. Like the PETRONAS page at Here
2. Capture photos that you think it represent your interpretation of Reimagining Energy.
3. Submit your photo according to your category via PETRONAS' facebook page ( and you might stand a chance to win great prizes up to RM 2000 !

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