Tuesday, January 31, 2012

This Little Girl

How is 2012 been treating you so far ? Well for me it's been pretty good and fine, i guess. Just that i am feeling abit outdated because i ve been missing out so much fun with the bunch that i normally attend events with. Work and freelance job has definitely took up partially or maybe half of my time. Not to mention, i have been treating my house more like a hotel now. I ll sleep through the morning breeze and wake up in the late afternoon and out before sunrise. Its like i am an owl but a human owl. I don't get to see my parents often, and hmm it's starting to be an issue for them now. They nag but not mad, and it frustrates me more. Who like to get nag when youre so damn tired by the time you got home from work? Hopefully when college starts, which is exactly one month from now, things will go better. My biologically clock is pretty damn screwed up now, how am i ever gonna get used waking up 7am in the morning when i ve been waking up so late almost for more than a month. Major got owned by that now!. 

Sheer top : Singapore
White Slacks : H & M
Black Wedges : Kiss and Tell
Studded Necklace : Forever 21
Rings : Thrifted & Gifted.

It's Chinese New Year few days ago. The same old traditions just never fail to make me go all excited with. Reunion dinner with the whole entire Liu Family. Visiting from one house to another. Movies with the lovely and most amazing siblings and cousins. What's more awesome about Chinese New Year, it the AND POUS' , which is known as those little red packets filled with money $$$ insides. ;) Lovely.

Caleb boy is all grown up now:)

Meet half of my cousins :)

My mum makes the best dumplings ever. I can literally gallop the whole thing within a second. i swear!

Cheerios ;)

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