Monday, November 14, 2011

Spritzer' Tinge

Wanna know about TINGE

Well lets just say you haven heard of it before, but i am pretty sure you have seen this before didnt you?

Its practically sold in every supermarket you walked in to. :) But i shall get straight to the point.

Recently, Tinge has launched their new online Game on their Facebook page, called the TINGE Saves the Stars Contest. You must be wondering, so what it's just a game. When a game comes with absolutely cool prizes, you wouldn't just say it’s a game , won't you? Well as for me, damn sure i wouldn't say it's just merely a game.

So it's really a pretty simply flash game to play. 

Basically, Gary and Shila are the stars that is being caught by the evil bouncing balls. All you need to do is call TINGE Hero for help to save the stars evil bouncing balls. Walaaah, you're able to win yourself superb prizes.

Just in case , you wonder who are those amazing stars. Check out this video below , and you 'll know who am i talking about :)


What you need to do now is participate and join the fun. It's pretty simply to participate as well;

1. Join the TINGE Facebook fan page at

2. Purchase and enjoy a bottle of TINGE

3. Participate in Tinge Saves The Stars game contest

4. Key in the serial number on TINGE label. Eg, 71234568


Isnt it simple? 

With that you are able to win the grand prize - Samsung Galaxy Tab X 3 and a Canon Iuz 115HS X 7

Contest starts from - 24/10/2011 to 4/12/2011

Log on to , for more information :)