Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Johnnie Walker : Step Inside The Black Circuit Lounge - Brazil

Seeing the title itself, i am sure you're gonna expect another big hit party coming around the corner soon. Don't chu? 

Well , that's right !! The must-attend party for the stylish and sophisticated is back with a bang. Johnnie Walker invites you to step inside the Black Circuit Lounge in KL with a Brazilian Twits this time round. So ARE YOU GUYS READY TO PARTY ONCE AGAIN , on the 26th November at the newly renovated KL LIVE !!!

Johnnie Walker is the world's leading Scotch Whisky and the number one whisky in Malaysia. & Ever wonder why Johnnie Walker is the global partner of Formula One Team Vodafone McLaran Mercedes? Well this is because they both share the same value in business, which is innovation, winning and leadership. Therefore, Charles Hames Wright, the Brand Manager for JOHNNIE WALKER Malaysia, says that as an official partner of Vodafone McLaren Mercedes since 2005, JOHNNIE WALKER expect the best entertainment quality and service for their loyal fans in Malaysia and promise that they will never disappoint the Malaysian when they are invited by The JOHNNIE WALKER Striding Man to Step Inside the Black Circuit to experience the international must attend glamorous party of the year. 

Such amazing and glamorous event, you know JOHNNIE WALKER will never ever miss out the music and performances for all their Malaysian fans, dont they? Worry not Malaysian, this time round Johnnie Walker has a stellar of international cast lining up to entertain the guest at the luxury event. Which includes, a multi-platinum producer and DJ-to-the-star Clinton Sparks from USA, who has produced for Lady Gaga, Akon, Pitbull, Ludacris, and the Notorious B.I.G. 

Followed by stunning Latin American DJ Von Kiss , who has share stage with industry luminaries like Snoop Dogg, Redman and LMFAO and her wildly rising stardom will see her work with Diplo, Congorock and Harvard Bass in the near future.

Moreover, followed by DJ Mr Gin from Taiwan , a resident DJ for both Primo and Luxy in Taipei. He is the former DMC Taiwan champion in 2009 and the top 5 in the World Championships held in England in the same year.

Last but not least, DJ Nikki from Malaysia, wining the Juice DJ Quest in 2007 and voted to be the best female DJ in the CHOONS AWARDS 2011.


I myself have personally  been to Johnnie Walker event before, the experiences and joy during the event is something money cant buy. The moment you step into the circuit , you wouldn't want to come back out. This is how amzingly fun it is.


Well if you ask me, what will be the most important thing that i would consider to be, while attending such event. My answer will always be what am i going to wear to match the style and sophistication of JOHNNIE WALKER with a twist of Brazilian.

Well I have to say nothing beats a beautiful dress to wear to a such glamorous event. Dress range from body conned, to flair gown and sparking sequins dresses would definitely suit the theme for the Johnnie Walker Black Circuit. 

Moreover, I would definitely filled on fingers and neck with a bunch lot of accessories then stands out.

Pairing with a black Alexander McQueen clutch. Yuuums.

However, not to be miss to pair with a fantabulous high heels. An outfit without a heels, is incomplete.


Are you ready to party like a rockstar now ?? 

Well attention here :), I am giving out exclusive passes to JOHNNIE WALKER Black Circuit Lounge - Brazil party to all many loyal blog readers out there who stand a chance to win it. 

Well it's pretty simply all you need is :

1. Like Johnnie Walker Malaysia Fan Page and enter the contest before 15 November 2011 to win exclusive VIP passes.


2. ANSWER the question below and COMMENT the answer on this very post to stand a chance to win money can by exclusive passes.

- Name a Malaysian public personality who you think epitomizes the meaning

 of “Keep Walking” and in 75 words or less, describe how this person inspires

 you on your own journey of personal progress and determination.


Tony Fernandes, in my opinion epitomizes the meaning of “Keep Walking”.

 Reason being, his bold – no quitting attitude brought Air Asia to where it is
today; being one of the World’s best no frills carrier.  September 11 was

 believed to be the worst time to start an airline company, however Tony

 braved through the impossible and proved them wrong in the statistics by

 clearing debts and breaking even on the financial front in just three years.

Remember to include your Facebook URL links or e-mails address together with your answer to avoid any further fraud comments :)

So what are you waiting for my dearest, get you hand to win a money-cant buy exclusive tickets by answering teh question above and comment at my comment section OR LIKED the Johnnie Walker Fan Page to win those exclusive passes :) 

Always remember to DONT DRINK AND DRIVE :)


Jared said...

In my opinion, Dato' Farah Khan epitomizes the meaning of “Keep Walking”.

Why? She brings Malaysia's fashion a step forward with her company, Melium carrying over 50 premium luxury and lifestyle brands across KL's iconic shopping mall. Malaysia, being a conservative country especially in terms of fashion is definitely a challenge for young designers and entrepreneurs who wish to start a fashion brand here. However, Dato' Farah Khan manages to push the boundaries of what seems to be weird and out of place to the locals and making the public accept fashion more than just mere clothings. It is a form of art that allows individuality as well as personal style to be showcase to everyone.


ElynIVen said...

Jimmy Choo, the man behind one of the world’s most wanted after shoes; he epitomizes the meaning of “Keep Walking”. Because, his constant accomplishments of his designs that brought Malaysia’s name to another higher level. In any country, in the world of fashion, when asked, “who’s the best shoe designer?” the answer will definitely be the famous Malaysia, Jimmy Choo!


Fahd Nazeer said...

Umm id say Michelle Yeoh epitomizes the meaning of 'keep walking'. She proved that even a Malaysian can become a celebrated actor in Hollywood among all the other brilliant actors. Not only acting but also performing her own stunts is what inspires me the most. And most probably she will be nominated for an Oscar for her part in The Lady along side with the legendary Meryl Streep. She has achieved so much for her self and brought such fame for her country as well. All i have to say is Keep Walking Michelle.

audrey ho ♥ said...

The person I believe lives to the meaning of "Keep Walking" would definitely be none other than, Marina Mahathir. As a woman myself, I see her as an inspirational figure and have always respected her straight-forwardness, courage and willingness to take a stand on matters of principle.

Her confidence and determination is mind-blowing as she dedicates her life to public service. What amazes me most is her work and support for the minorities. She is an advocate for the Malaysian AIDS Council and stands for women's rights. Even knowing that she will face opposition and critisims from the public especially because she is a Muslim woman did not deter her from defending the LGBT society. She definitely is my woman warrior!

Jsen said...
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Jsen said...

In my opinion Datuk Lee Chong Wei epitomizes the meaning of "Keep Walking".

He is the first Malaysian to be ranked World Number 1 for more than 2 weeks and was the only Malaysian to win a silver medal in the 2008 Olympics. Despite coming under lots of criticisms for his below-par performances in important occasions, he has never ceased to come back strong and silence his critics by winning competitions again and again. He continues to inspire hopeful badminton players in Malaysia to strive for excellence today.


Spellman Choy said...

Who else fulfills the statement 'Keep Walking' other than Dato' Lee Chong Wei?

He's currently ranked World Number 1 and have previously scored Malaysia's first Silver Medal in the Olympics. Despite suffering several defeats by his rival, Lin Dan, from China, he still does not give up and continue to strive. He is exactly what we call, a 'Striver'; which never gives up and 'Keep Walking' no matter what. After suffering the defeat by Lin Dan in the 2008 Olympics, Lee Chong Wei continued working hard and thrived really hard to succeed. Despite having the public discredit him for his defeat and claiming that Lin Dan became his biggest fear that will torment him forever, he managed to prove everyone wrong by defeating Lin Dan at the All England Open tournament in 2011. His victory was glorious and he have rectified himself through his actions that he is no longer tormented by his arch rival. It is inspirational to the world as he made the point clear that nothing is impossible if loads of effort are exerted. 'Keep Walking' is not merely about victories, but how you stood up and continue your path to strive harder to attain victory. With that, I believe that Lee Chong Wei is the best example that illustrates this slogan.

Bou Nee said...

I think Datuk Michelle Yeoh has epitomizes the meaning of "Keep Walking" very well.

Datuk Michelle Yeoh had been inspired me with her great succeed over the country. She had successfully created a well-known position in the international stage. How many women from Malaysia able to stand on the international stage? Besides, she epitomizes the meaning of "Keep Walking" and here she keep walking with her success career from Malaysia to Hollywood then back to Malaysia again with proud. With the ranking of one of the most beautiful people in the world and nominated in Oscar reward, Datuk Michelle Yeoh is undeniably the best person to give inspiration to the next generations.

Antonia said...

Awesome pics! Love the post, great job! ;)


butterfly babe said...

Penny Dai, she never stopped her enthusiasm in creating music for many years. Every album every song is a true masterpiece that touches people's heart. I am motivated by her determination to pursue success. To see her journey from the beginning, knowing she did not give up and 'keep walking' with her gifted talent, and where she managed to have a stand in the international chinese music industry today.

Jessie Lem

Philip Rom said...

For me, I would say it's P. Ramlee. This celebrated icon is probably not known among the young generation today but he is man of many talents; actor, director, producer, singer, musician, comedian and all without formal training. He has been involved in 66 films and produced over 390 songs. Despite being not fully appreciated and recognized by his own country and eventually passed away. Nothing describes better of P.Ramlee's love and joy in entertaining people than the meaning 'Keep Walking'. He has contributed so much and was way ahead of his time. His 'walk' should be celebrated. He is a legend.


SyazwanSarawak said...

For me, "Keep Walking" motto is best portrayed by our ex-prime minister, Tun Dr Mahathir.

During his administration, he was considered to be one of Asia's most influential leaders with implementing various development plan for the country to bring our nation up on the world's horizon.

Despite the economy breakdown at year 1998, Tun Dr Mahathir managed to steer the country out from the problem and since then Malaysia has been continuing prospering.

Bro Framestone said...

Keep Walking..??

For sure Hanz Isaac, my favorite artist that inspire me a lot.

He not just artist, he also the actor and also producer.

He already direct a few film and also theater in Istana Budaya.

Been invited for be actor in international movies.


Josh Lim said...

Im choosing Jimmy Choo too, but for different reasons:

Some people may not know this, but Jimmy Choo no longer owns the Jimmy Choo brand, the reason being that he was betrayed by a relative and shareholder.

"To say Choo was furious is to put it mildly. Even now niece and uncle are no longer on speaking terms;"
"How Jimmy Choo Lost his Name"

He's now embarked on a campaign to buy his brand back.

'Designer Datuk Jimmy Choo has called for the support of Malaysians in his bid to reclaim ownership of the brand he co-founded 15 years ago. '

'help him on a potential £500mil (RM2.4bil) bid to buy back the company he co-founded 15 years ago'

I personally would like to help, but I don't have a couple of million pounds lying around. However I admire his perseverance, and determination in getting back the company that he founded and will support that in any way I can.

He epitomizes the meaning of "Keep Walking" even though he's lost the right to ownership of his own name & brand, he is determined to get it back, and is doing so in style.

Aj_shelby said...

Namewee, he epitomizes the meaning of "keep walking".

He caught my attention after releasing his very first and popular controversial song "Negarakuku". He is famous in putting facts and things in Malaysia into songs and musics and now into a movie "Nasi Lemak 2.0". Although he got increasingly got both praise and criticism from the society, he never gave up. He is a hero for me as he motivates me what is meant to have freedom of speech in Malaysia. I certainly hope that Namewee would have the chance and get more supports to make more movies in the future. Keep Walking~

Kaze's Girl said...

Tunku Abdul Rahman because he did not give up in his quest to achieve independence for our country. He went to negotiate Malayan independence few times and the second time with Tun Tan Cheng Lock was a success. He is definitely a good role model to potray a strong word which is "Keep Walking" because of his enthusiasm and perseverance. Lets thank him because now we can Keep Walking with Johnnie Walker.

Stacy Esmeralda
https://www.facebook.com/kazes.gurl estacymeralda@gmail.com

jen said...

Dato Jimmy Choo, the man who literally keeps us high heel lovers walking that fabulous walk.

Without him, I would not have understood and appreciate the beauty of footwear and how it boosts a lady's confidence.

It does not matter how much trouble he has gone through all these years. He is still walking and he continues to help us believe in ourselves, allowing us to appreciate the necessity of a beautiful pair of high heels which we literally "keep walking" in.



mynjayz said...

In my opinion, I will choose Namewee because he achieved success by his unwavering determination. Despite criticism from his controversial songs, he soldiered on to produce his first movie "NasiLemak 2.0" to conquer racism and promote unity among races. His BOLDness and courage as a pioneer in his life mission awes me. Really got Inspired by him, I garnered the determination to enter a engineering contest despite my hectic worklife. I learnt that we must keep walking to achieve what we want in life. No matter what we have in life, ups and down those are just interference in your journey to success. Just do what you have to do, put in much effort and in the end of the day, you'll succeed and people will definitely look up to you.


Beatrice Jeanne Tan said...

Dato Michelle Yeoh resembles the meaning of "Keep Walking", in my opinion.

An enthusiastic actress who does not only "walk", but dances as well. I remember watching her movies and the ways she moved beautifully and elegantly like it looked so easy. Being the dance enthusiast she is, she has become an inspirational icon since I was young ranging from dance to arts. Despite her injury from pursuing her dreams, she is among the few Malaysians who have made it thus far making herself known not only locally but globally. With her unending dreams and never having the urge to give up, she truly epitomizes the meaning of "Keep Walking".

PhooiShen said...

Datuk Nicol Ann David, in my opinion epitomizes the meaning of "Keep Walking".

Her passion towards squash fully portrays the meaning of keep walking. She is the first Asian woman who got the 1st world ranking in women squash. She deserves all these recognitions as she did really put lots of effort on her career. "When you love the game so much, nothing gets in the way of your path." says by Datuk Nicol, and this has inspired me to enjoy the tasks with no regret.


alexlai said...

Jimmy choo, Epitomized the meaning of "keep walking".

Made his first shoe at age 11, very humble man from the start. Created his own empire and well known internationally.

Very focused man, who will initially spend three to four week making a pair of jimmy choo's.


jj.cash said...

Winnie Loo.

EVERYONE including her parents thought she was crazy when she told them that she wanted to start a hair dressing business in the late 1970s.

But today, they are all eating their words after Winnie Loo, the founder and chief creative director of A Cut Above, has successfully turned her passion into a thriving business, with more expansion coming underway.

Junzuenn Basalan

jj.cash said...

Winnie Loo.

EVERYONE including her parents thought she was crazy when she told them that she wanted to start a hair dressing business in the late 1970s.

But today, they are all eating their words after Winnie Loo, the founder and chief creative director of A Cut Above, has successfully turned her passion into a thriving business, with more expansion coming underway.

Junzuenn Basalan

Annna said...

Yasmin Ahmad. Her efforts to break down racial and cultural barriers and encourage us all to live as one even after her death is the essence of 'Keep Walking'.

Bry-l said...

I may not own a single pair of Jimmy Choos, but I know amongst all other Malaysian public figures, I find him most inspirational, as he motivates me to "Keep Walking". His very name is a living brand, known all over the world. Its not so much about fame, but his accomplishments are what truly inspires people and to motivates them to do better in life, to walk the walk, to "keep walking".

Brian See said...

In my point of view, Dato Michael Chong epitomizes the meaning of "Keep Walking".

He is always ready and willing to lend a helping hands towards the unfortunate or victims that are treated unequally. He helps to prove human rights and gives hope and enlighten miracles to the unfortunate. He brings out the meaning of "Keep Walking" towards everyone, and he proves that every human have their own rights and should never give up on it!! "Keep Walking" towards a better society and a more equally rights country!

Mr.Brian See

Global Trade Point said...
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LiOneL said...

I think that Namewee(Wee Meng Chee) epitomizes the meaning of 'keep walking'. He never gives up on his dreams which is to unite all races in Malaysia. To prove that '1Malaysia' is not just a slogan. And also he never cares what people thinks about him, or talks bad about him.

Nothing can stop him to accomplish his dreams. For e.g. the movie 'Nasi Lemak 2.0'. Even tho without the government's support and funding, he still manage to get the movie done.

So yeah, Namewee keep walking~

Lionel Lum

MaRiLyN said...

Nicol Ann David (Nicol David), who is ranked world number one in women's squash. Her determination and hard work got her into who she is right now. If she have stopped trying after one of her defeats, she wouldn't have become number one. The spirit of never give up and keep walking is what made her number one in world ranking for women's squash.


Zunny said...

Datuk Lee Chong Wei, Malaysia's national hero, embodies the spirit of 'Keep Walking'. Despite his losses and failures, he has never given up. In fact, he comes back stronger each time - proving his determination and courage in facing his rivals. He has achieved so much, and now he is still working to claim his title as world number 1! His accomplishments only serve to remind me that we should never give up in all that we do, and if we fall, we should always stand back up, stronger than before. Face our obstacles with dignity and aim to be better. Even if we're going through hell, we should keep walking!


Jazz Kua said...

The public figure in Malaysia who carries the meaning of "Keep Walking" in my opinion would be Nicholas Teo. His first success started from Astro Talent Show and he keep walking towards stardom as his music and name become well known to the nation. Furthermore, he is also a popular figure in Taiwan. His talent does not only lies in music but as well as acting.


Sue Zen said...

Jimmy Choo, in my opinion epitomizes the meaning of "keep walking".

Not because he has the same name as my dad(haha) but he truly inspires us that it is possible to succeed in life. He managed to build a much wanted brand all the way to Hollywood, coming from a man from a small country who had to work his way through his young life to pay for his college fund and to continue pursuing his dreams at the same time. He practically build an empire from scratch and it is truly inspirational. Because of his hard work, success and extraordinary talent in shoe making, it has aided greatly to our country as many people have now recognized the name Malaysia.

Jimmy Choo, will forever make us proud and will continue inspiring me to pursue my dreams.


leanne said...

Yasmin Ahmad was always well-known for her heart-warming and meaningful television commercials for Petronas, especially the one with the adorable kid Tan Hong Ming! She was still successful and managed to grab multiple awards even when her films like Sepet was highly controversial due to portraying events and relationships that is forbidden by some social conservatives. And even though she has passed on, her work still continues to inspire me. Therefore I think she truly epitomizes the meaning of Keep Walking!

Leanne Mong

Chris Dreamer Cross said...

Bboy lego sam epitomizes the meaning of "Keep Walking".

Bboy Lego Sam, he is a break dancer of 17 the best and youngest break dancer in malaysia, he has won many dance competitions in malaysia. the way he performs and practices, is full of effort and heart. injurys wont stop him, nothing can ever keep him walking on the dance floor.

melaniehwa said...

My public figure is Tony Fernandes. This is because he is an esteemed entrepreneur and he has a brilliant mind. His contributions to Malaysia has made not only has made living better for all of us, he has made us all proud. Keep walking Tony. http://www.facebook.com/melanie.hwa


DoriaJolly88 said...

With his sexy shoe line, Jimmy Choo IS the epitome of "keep walking" .. Before he became THE Jimmy Choo, he worked as a cleaner at a shoe factory just so he could fund his college education, and boy did that pay off! From his humble beginnings as a craftsman and designer at his workshop in Hackney London, an old hospital he rented to start his shoe business, his designs were soon discovered and not long after, his creations landed an 8 page spread in Vogue magazine!

Jimmy Choo's brand Jimmy Choo made it's entry into popular culture as well, in one of the episodes of season 5 of Desperate Housewives, Carlos presented Gabrielle a pair of Jimmy Choo's, and not forgetting that catchy song titled "Jimmy Choo" by Ashanti featuring Shyne, even Princess Diana became a patroness of his impeccable design! This proves that Jimmy Choo is first-rate and celebrated not only by us Malaysians, but the whole entire world too, Jimmy Choo is world renowned! All that, and his humble begginings never left him, today Jimmy Choo is setting up a shoemaking institute in Malaysia to cater to budding shoemakers and fashion designers. Yeah! Keep walking in these sexy Jimmy Choos I will, Jimmy ;) You are such an inspiration!

primula.j@gmail.com http://www.facebook.com/Paty.Kerry

Evelyn L. said...

Fay Hokulani - Funky, Sporty and Effortlessly Cool. She epitomizes the meaning of 'Keep Walking' with her vivacious love of life and more perks for her since she's ALWAYS seen at Johnny Walker.

Audrey said...

Ipoh-born Amber Chia beat 600 models to win the Guess Watches Timeless Beauty International Model Search 2004 in conjunction with Guess Watches' 20th Anniversary. Because of her victory, the 22-year-old Chia was appointed the Guess Ambassador for Malaysia. Chia caught the industry's attention after being featured in a campaign for a local fashion brand shot in Bangkok. After that, she was appointed spokeperson for various international products. Her talent and achievements made her a much sought after model in the region.Her catwalk could already give her the caption of " Keep Walking"

Anonymous said...

Chef Wan is an epitome of 'Keep Walking'!

He is, like Johnnie Walker, one of the most loved icons (except he is Malaysian). Not only does he cook, he acts, he host talk shows, give lectures, he is an ambassador, he is writes cookbooks and not to forget, he is a father! He highlighted Malaysian cuisine and culture to the world, just like how Johnnie Walker highlights Scottish Whisky, as long as he keeps on walking.

Elishia Leong

Shawn Wong said...

A person like Namewee would very much define the statement 'Keep Walking' because I think he pushes real hard for his career and also the unification of the society even though heavy criticism falls upon him.

What's more, getting inspired from his creativity and guts also really shapes my personal journey in life as he gives the Chinese community hope for a better life.

yaoyao said...

In my opinion, being not a very big fan of any other sports, Dato Lee Chong Wei, the world no 1, have epitomizes the meaning of "keep Walking".

He shows his determination throughout the tournaments with opponents from all around the world. Even though defeated in some of the tournament, he stood back on his feet, and "keep walking" his path to win back again. His attitude of "keep walking" have shown the strength one can possess to achieve their dreams and success.

Name, Tan pi yao , http://www.facebook.com/tanpiyao

yaoyao said...

In my opinion, being not a very big fan of any other sports, Dato Lee Chong Wei, the world no 1, have epitomizes the meaning of "keep Walking".

He shows his determination throughout the tournaments with opponents from all around the world. Even though defeated in some of the tournament, he stood back on his feet, and "keep walking" his path to win back again. His attitude of "keep walking" have shown the strength one can possess to achieve their dreams and success.

Name, Tan pi yao , http://www.facebook.com/tanpiyao

Justin The Dummy said...

In my opinion I think it would be Namewee. He is the only person in Malaysia that will bring the true story behind the goverment and create awareness towards the public. Although he might realease his in-appropriate songs to the country but anyway he is just trying to tell the truth.


Shane Ng Inn Shern said...

The public figure who inspires me is Namewee.Basicallly i found out about him probably through his famous video song "negarakuku" which tells others the facts about live. A sneak preview into the lives of malaysians, please "everything in the video is true". every malaysian would know me. what inspires me is after he got in trouble with the government and all. he still made movies, not forgetting about where he came from. "nasi lemak 2.0" he thought me to never give up in life. And not to forget his sense of humour, pretty lame, but pretty damn good. ;)

Wei Jun said...

In my opinion, Tan Sri Anthony Francis Fernandes or also known as Tony Fernandes, would be a Malaysian icon that I look up to. He is not only a prominent figure as a business man but I am truly amazed by his effort and ideas in expending not only his business but to serve the country with his specialties. He helped the poor and he helped those in need. With his entrepreneur mind, he even invested in English Football League clubs as a way to promote his brand and it is a brilliant idea because it not only market his brand, but as a Malaysian brand. He has not only made himself rich, but he gave Malaysia a name out there.

Edwin said...

Great pictures. Love how JW is being presented so elegantly - as it should be.

Mohammed Sabirin Fahmi said...

The person that epitomizes the meaning of "Keep Walking" is none other than Datuk Nicol David. Her no quitting attitude which have pushed her to be the current world number 1 in woman’s squash certainly inspire me to never give up and always push myself to do my best in anything. She’s only 28 this year and she’s already achieved all this amazing accomplishments and I’m sure there’s more to come from her. Malaysia Boleh!

D.RAZ said...

In my belief, I personally say that Alexander McQueen symbolize the meaning of 'Keep Walking'

Well yeah can't deny the fact that he's one of the legendary designers and best icon in fashion world. But what makes me inspired of his designs and clothing is that , he's works are truly talented and beyond any other designer's works. He took his career to highest level in creativity & explore fashion with he's imagination. What makes me adore him so much , is because he's different from others and proves that being difference doesn't make you feel less normal but being individualist & 'special', which makes you're being for who you are.

Dayton Lim said...

imo, Sudirman Arshad epitomizes the meaning of "keep walking". From the start and end of his short career, he has kept the people together with his patriotic and meaningful tunes. whilst bringing Malaysia to the world stage by winning the Salem Music awards with his song "a thousand million smiles". Until today, His lyrics and music has brought many united.

Sam Lum said...

Tony Fernandez, like the late Steve Jobs, he revolutionize complication into simplicity by enabling everyone to be able to move forward, fly and see the world with his affordable fares. Despite that, he too venture into various fields such as f1 and football which create further awareness of our country and stamp a mark on the map. It's truly this visionary mind and Keep Walking attitude which enables him to move this far with us so GO TONY!

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