Sunday, October 16, 2011

Stretch That Dollar Bill

Sometimes being busy is not really a bad thing afterall. I have been busy filming, doing and editing videos and essay for the pass one week, and trust me it has never been that hectic before. Knowing that i have 2 video, one essay, one fact sheet design, one magazine spread sheet design and a magazine style guide all due on the same day. That's insane for sure. Not to mention i have tonnes of upcoming workloads to finish up, but as for that i have to put it as side and worried more on the upcoming ones. It's just too overwhelming as times, but it gives me an excuse to clear my mind off.

With Tiks and Shian. Sweetest girls.

Look how tall is she. Her height is unbeatable, even when i with my heels. (Killer heels)
No wonder Ford Model would pick her the moment they spot her :) Same goes to Tiks !

Top : Street stall
Bottom : Miss Selfridge high wasted shorts
Heels : Forever 21
Shades : Ray Ban
Rings: Gifted, Forever 21
Bangles : Forever 21 & Unknown shop