Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Furs & Skins

It seems like furs and skins are the latest trends now. Its hard to find fur coats or any fur garments here because its so obvious that it's humid country that shines almost everyday. Sometimes i do envy people who lives in the cold country, at least they have the advantage to wear coats, like furry fluffy coats. :) Pweettyy . Anyhow, been spotting some skins garment and bags lately in the magazine and also shops around the mall. They are so pretty and tempting. I do always have a thing for prints, skins, furs :) So fluffy !

Leopard Print Horse Hair Faux Leather Double Clutch Bag.
What i like about it is, its a double clutch bag. I spotted one at this Singapore blogshop but blueks, it doesnt ship internationally.Thats such a disappointment. But found one at eBay :D Yuuuums. Tempt to buy it.
ZARA Large Snake Skin Clutch Bag :)

ZARA Snake Skin Clutch Bag :) 
My favorite ! As i was walking pass ZARA the other day, there was this turquoise snake skin clutch hanging out there and was literally tempting and luring me into the shop. Guessed i shouldn't have walk in after all. I didnt mean it in a bad way but a good way, because this time round their bags collection was... amazing. I see skin skin skin and still skin. Tempting much but the price is even impressive that it could possibly burn a hole in my pocket. Save money mojo mood is ON :)