Friday, October 21, 2011

Rain Drops

I am a happy girl now :) Finally finished my all my 2nd assignment. I deserve some rest man , with a cup of hot coffee and Vampire Diaries right infront of me :) It's good to see how my hard work is finally done ! My gay marriage video is done, my eating healthily video is done, my thousand words essay is done as well. Such a pain in the ass to finish up the essay, but ohh well Amanda Liu Ming Na, you finally did it :) Though assignment is done, but it's still going to be a busy weekend for me , but i am doing something i like. So, why not? 

Yesterday night, Mr Winston my beloved Ex-lecturer fb msg me to help out for a photoshoot for Taylor's SOC brochure ! Wheee ;) i mma gonna appear in the brochure :) It was a fun shoot knowing the Diploma students and there's still shooting for tomorrow as well. :) && Thanks Dominic from ALEXIS , Vol 007 issue is out this Friday ! 
Good things needs to keep coming !

Blazer : H & M Military Blazer
Skirt : Topshop
Flats : H & M
Necklace : Forever 21

The Other Afteroon

  Meet my hun :)

It was taken on one of the afternoon right after Mr Julian's class. Loving our shades.