Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Sheer top : Supre
Pleated Skirt : Forever 21
Oxford shoe : Topshop
Bag : Salvotore Ferragamo
Bracelet : Forever 21
Rings : Thrifted & Gifted


Catching up with my hun during the weekend was really a fun thing to do. Every since our new semester start, the changes of us seeing each other has gradually decrease. Imagine we used to see each other every single day to seeing each other perhaps once a week. Thats, a big change. But well that day was abit rushy , as i have to rush from one location to another location. 

Despite it was such a rushy date, but at least it was nice catching with him and wearing my favorite skirt :) Loving the pleated skirt that i bought few weeks ago, and i didnt have the time to pair and wear it. But i am pretty satisfied with the whole entire look that day. I have to thank non other than Supre and Stephanie for sending such beautiful sheer top for me :) I am finding myself wearing it quite often :) Moreover, check out Beyond Your Own Brand as well :)

It was a good combination to match the sheer top and the black pleated skirt with my beloved black and white oxford shoe. My daddy still claims its a boy shoe !! Daddy , it's not okay :p . Dont you think its so cute :) & going along with the bag from my mum :) Old vintage bag, me likey !

I was abit down, despite i lost the one and only and most meaningful thing to me that day. The moment i found out it was gone, my mood when from super energetic to super drain away. I guess the snakeskin blazer cheered me up. :)

As i have mentioned, i was rushing from one location to another. Guess where i went to :)
It was non other than the Youtube Sensation, Jayesslee consert :)

Josh Lim

Jason Ong

Charis Ow

Ming Han

Alicia Tan

Aaron Huang

Justin Mah from Decimal :)

 peace out :)

Went for their press conferences before the concert. I thought i was early but well, i guess i was wrong. The queue outside the stage was massive. All the fans well lining up to get their asses in for the concert. :)
Didnt know the girls' mum was also a breast cancer victim. Was listening to their stories about their mum and how they finally get to overcome it. No doubt, i felt alil emotional at that part . But overall its was good, they sang their famous " Officially Missing You'. ' Price Tag' , ' Just The Way You Are', and many more
I had fun, did you ? :)