Thursday, July 7, 2011

Revive Rev Cup – Battle Of The States Finale Party 2011

Last week was the Revive Rev Cup Battle of The States Finale Party at Euphoria, Music of Sound. To cut it short , it was one interesting night to see the finale.

That night was all wrapped up with great host and performances too. Not to mention,. free flow of drinks for the night. JJ and Jin from and also Aznil Nanawi from ERA did a fabulous job to bring up the crowd . Not to forget the performers, like Stars Stompers, Pop Shuvit, Reshmonu, Hunny Madu , Bittersweet and Hydra who did a good job to entertain everyone through the night.

So here' some picture taken on that night.

Us ladies :)

 JJ and us :)

JJ and EAN. Ean was such a sweetheart and a very very nice person. :D


Partner in crime :) Mandy Chan

Diane Lee

Elyn Tai


Jason Ong

 Us with Jason

David :)


prettystellar said...

where is the black dress with the gold studs from? i love it

Amanda Cullen said...

its from topshop my dear :D

JJ said...

Hope you had fun on that day...
Mind emailing me the pictures with the names of everyone who took a picture with me. Want to upload it to my fanpage on facebook..
If that's OK..