Friday, July 8, 2011

In Dilemma

I realized i always have a thing for designers brand like Alexander Mcqueen , Givenchy , Dsquared and Jeffrey Campbell. Although they may looked odd in someway, and definitely no one would wear it, however i just have a thing for such odd and unique design. People like my mum claims Jeffrey Campbell's shoe as the ugliest shoe in the globe , it wasnt such a surprise for me to  instantly fought back with her and say is the most beautiful shoe i ve ever seen . I respect people opinion because different people have a different perspective towards a thing. I never know why i always find the odd ones attractive instead of repellent. Somehow i ve already accepted the fact that i love things that people dont.

Shoes has always been the most essential tool for me despite clothes are also equally important to me. I have so many wishes in my wish list that i hope one day , i have my very own brand.Shoe brand specifically :)

Pretty Little Things , That Makes Me Smile.


Antonia said...

Loving the pics, don't knoe whivh one would you choose as my fave!



Amanda Cullen said...

pretty arent they , even i cant choose which is my favorite they are like the prettiest thing alive <3