Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Lets Step Inside The Black Circuit Lounge

So here it goes,

Last Saturday i attended the Johnnie Walker Black Circuit Lounge at the Palace of Golden Horse in the  Mines Resort City. So i went along with Mandy and managed to get a ticket for Jared. At first , i thought i was suppose to bring a partner along so that we can go in pairs but however the invitation tickets was super limited . But however , Mandy managed to get him a ticket :). Mandy was nice enough to pick us up from Sri Petaling and we headed to the event.

I have to say , it was an amazing adventure to venture around that area. You have no idea how many times we pass by the same place and still managed to get lost around the bush. So when we arrived, there were tonnes of people outside standing and waiting to go in. Pretty cars were all lined up outside, glad we snapped a few shots with it .

So the event was great , the crowd was good and the DJs were awesome. Well not to mention , a free flow liquor for the day , seriously what more can you asked? The songs were good , at least something different from the clubs :)

Overall , we all had fun . Alot of fun indeed .
Ohh , before i forget. I love the necklace :)

Hannah Tan & Jamie

Ji Muii :)



Zlwin & Mandy

Pretty cars :)

They just somehow , looks like ours :)

Mandy chan ;)

Jared Lau

Yours truly :)


ViCo said...

Must have been a ot of fun!!Is it something like a club??the cars are
Beautiful blog;)
And btw your outfit is awesome!!:D

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