Sunday, April 17, 2011

Baby Youre Daddy Must Have Been A Drug Dealer

My mid semester break has officially started :) I finally get to enjoy and sleep as much as i want. Do you know how torturing it is to wake up so early in the morning and have to worry about the parking problem in university. I certainly do not enjoy it , as if i ve a choice.

Been spending time with Jo lately , and she's going to Melbourne soon to visit my another adorable baby :) I miss her so much :) I ll find a way to send those kacang tumbuk to her. Anyway , jo been craving to eat this Fish Burger at Ben's , located in the highest floor of Pavilion. I was suppose to accompany her to eat the other day , but unfortunately i didnt get to make it & i feel awkward. So now , we get the chance to eat it and IT TASTE SO DAMN GOOD. Zen , Lea & Sum .. WE SHOULD EAT IT TOGETHER :) . The fish is so crispy on the outside and so fresh in the inside . Droooools. Once we finished our amazing fish burger , it's shopping time. Bought a couple of things , & i am satisfied. It will appear in my lookbook very soon , once i ve received the baby heels from Kiss and Tell :)

Ben's Fish Burger :)

Kiss kiss for you


Meet one of my babies :)

Look how very happy she is :) 

& my stomach problem have been disturbing me too. The doctor said that i have to stop drinking and eat anything cold , if i dont , it's gonna take me a long time to heal. but HELLOOO, i am the type of person that practically loves anything in cold. GAAAH ! Torture.

Anyway , my mum was talking to me the yesterday & i realised whatever she told me was quite true. My parents said that since young i was born to get into quite an amount of trouble. Which means , i dont own a good and lucky life. I often get in to problems or trouble , & i am so clumsy that whatever i touch seems to just break into pieces, this was exactly what happen yesterday. I have no idea how the hell did i knocked down the new modem that my brother just installed. -.- Bloody hell . What hit me the most is that , since young , without fail , my mum will scold me or nag me at least ONCE a day. How ironic , i guess i was to immune with it that i didnt find it annoying. Well , there are times where i do find it super annoying when she keeps talking and nagging continuously. Sometimes i just wanna like SHHHH's her up ;)

Anyway, it's my lookbook time :)

Bottom : Kiss and tell Tapered pants
Belt: Pull and Bear
Bag : Gift
Rings : Forever 21 & Diva

Hype yet ?

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loving ur outfit! stunning!