Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Just Set Them Up To Knock Them Down

I have a feeling my liver is in a bad bad condition. Diarrhea and food poisoning and toxin in my stomach was really torturing me for the whole night since yesterday. I couldnt sit in peace and sleep in peace yesterday. I was half way watching I Am Number Four and i had to rush to the toilet to just sit there and and yelling to myself . This was how horribly pain it went. I started throwing out and it was really horrible. No matter how much i hate it but it was the only way that could possibly make me feel better. While everyone was dating and watching movie , i was dating the toilet and watching myself in pain. Ohh lord, what a day man.

First Roll : Eunice , emilie , shing
Second Roll : Car Yi , Juliet , John
Third roll : Wei Liam , Shing , Mag

Jared , Eric and Aster :D

Us, Girls :)

And yesterday we had a mini performance for the Dodge Ball team , we are sort of called as the Dodgges or Dodges or.. okay i dont know how to spell it. & i had my interview too with the Dean , it went well but i still hope i can get it . Perhaps partially i also dont mind :)

Mcqueen Mcqueen Mcqueen .. still never fail to surprise me:)
I totally absolutely love his autumn/Winter 2011 collection .
Few of my favourites ;)

New look,
course it has been awhile.

Hat : F Block
Blazer : Sungai Wang
Skirt : Miss and Mrs
Stockings : Topshop
Wedges : Kiss and tell

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