Sunday, February 20, 2011

Is a cold and crazy world

I have been missing for about a week but this is because i was on a vacation. Took a plane and flew off to Macau and Hong Kong with the families :). I had tonnes of fun :)

So we took the evening flight to Macau and we reached our destination around 9 pm .

Mummy :)
i camwhored with her hahah :)

Here we are at Macau Airport :) 
Another photo snapping session. i found out one thing, my dad loves to take pictures of us :) 

Sorry but i camwhored alot in the plane, i was bored. Cant expect more than this :)There are more but nah.. dont want to be so over myself ahahahah XD

We had a Portuguese Dinner once we arrived at Macau :)  

Portuguese Cuisine, Yums
Not bad , i kinda like the dish , the veggies are awesome. 

After that we went side seeing :)
We went to few casino hotels since Macau has always been famous with their casino . casino and erm yea casino. Its practically a casino island. Besides that, Macau is a country that never sleeps. Midnight is just the beginning for them. You have no idea how amazing the the night scenes are. The whole entire city is filled with lights , lights and more lights. A whole new atmosphere.
Grand Lisboa Hotel

Wynn Macau

The Emperor Palace

The Venetian

Vquarium ;  City Of Dreams , Macau

The next day , went and visit a few hot spot which consists of ...

Ruins of St.Paul's
The place where you get to see very often in Hong Kong Drama series or TV la. The famous Ruin's of St.Paul's . Check put the sky dudes, it looks so fake to be real :). However , my day was kinda ruin by some tourist, not gonna mention what tourist. But she is so fucking rude i swear. Walk damn rudely and talk damn loud some more, its not your grandfather's road okay.

However ,I ate their famous Portuguese Tart there too and OMG it was beyond heaven . I dont think you can get in anywhere around Malaysia here , that taste as goood as that ! Bravooooo :)

With daddy, mummy and erm a statue and erm a tree haha 

Heheh :)

Fisherman's Wharf.

A Ma Temple
Mummy loves those wheels/fan-look-alike thing. See how many times she posed with it. She bought like four of it. But is good to , because i dont think we could get it here.

Dont you think is so colourful.
I have to say that , i love my brother photograph skills though.

Venetian Macau Hotel

Ferry to Hong Kong :)
And at last after much visitation around the town and cities, we headed to the ferry stand and here we got heading to hong kong yo :)
Hooong Kong here i come :)

We arrived Hong Kong in the evening itself and i slept through out the journal. *Yawn*

I forgot where did we had out dinner but right after that , as usual went side seeing even though it was getting real late. We practically make use of the time as much as possible man.
Symphony of Lights.
It shows the world's largest permanent light and sound show. I guess it has over 40 over Hong Kong's iconic skyscrapers and buildings participate in lighting up Victoria Harbour with pulses and many flashes of lights :)
We can practically see the other side of the cities at nights, something similar like Macau night scene but this was more enormous :) After that we headed back to our hotel because is time to oink oink :)

Hong Kong Disneyland ; Lantau
Since i was a little girl , my dream was to step into Hong Kong Disneyland. However, my dream only came true after 7 years. Great ! At first we did not want to go it because we wanted to walk around the town and cities, but thank god we decided to go in and take alook. It was like fulfilling my childhood dreams. I never regret going in at all :)

Tadaaaaaa, they look pretty :)
I like it how the whole entire place is literally filled with mickey mickey mickey the iconic Disney cartoon Mickey !

My Mum was really obsessed with those plant and wants to snap a picture with it practically every single time she sees it . 

Minnie Mouse :)
Love the stores, love the souvenirs but unfortunately things just have to ruin it after i came back. & now is all gone. Okay not all but still, partially gone. WTF ! Fuck you asshole, stole all my memories.

Spot me with two lovely ladies :) I know one is sleeping beauty and the other one is.... erm.. FUCK ! i forgot haha.
It was small i have to say , i heard it from others that Japan and Australia is way much more bigger than this. But i feel content and happy with it :) So we went in the morning and came back out in the afternoon and headed to the cities:) Awwh hong kong , youre just too big . Too many place but too little time to explore. Shit-zzle !

The moment the sun went down , the lights went on , the smell of the crowd arise i begin to tell myself that.....
I love the night streets , i love the shops , i love the clothes , i love the sight boards, i love the buildings, i love the food , i love the atmosphere. I love everything about their night life.
I feel like i am living in the world of those Hong Kies's life.
I didnt wanna leave at alll !

Ladies Market ; YauMa Tei , Kowlon
 Temple Street Night Market ; Mongkok, Kowlon
I found Chatime too. How coincident that is, such big cities and i manged to bumped into the stall

Yums :)
At temple street market. Absolutely dad's favorite ;)

DimSum for breakfast :) 

Ocean park ; Aberdeen , Hong Kong
I expected more than that actually, felt kind of disappointed but i ll just take it as an experience that i went in before. Seriously, it looked so dull even though is was packed with tourists and people and children. It was so hot some more.

My dad was busy snapping pictures of it, and hahaha i find it funny went those uncle and aunties find is fascinating to see a fish like they never see it before. It kinda reflect to me like how ill go fascinated when i see a cat as if i never see it before. Interesting.Not to mention , i was being pushed non stop too. Same old tourists, cant you guys be alil polite and patient for christ sake -.-

The rides :)

Same goes to this too , we came out in the afternoon and  out we go for more shoppings at Mong kok , Tsim Sha Tsui , Prince Edward, Yau Me Tei , Jordan and etc. Did i mention that we had a hard time purchasing a MRT ticket using the machine . Bloody hell , its time to upgrade man ! LOL

H&M , i ve finally found you :)
At Harbor City Street.
I have been searching high and low for you my baby , i swear. I almost gave up looking for you but thanks gosh i never. My daddy was so cute :), i was quite angry and moody because i was tired , my leg was damn pain and my brother was walking like some dead frog behind and i know that he doesnt want to walk anymore and i really really wanna look for it. So my dad kinda know that i was not in the mood , he was quite tolerate to look for me too and the cutest part is he can suddenly asked me to  pose and take a picture HAHAHAHAHA XD aww i love you daddy , though i know you were equally tired and exhausted but you still want all of us to enjoy it. How i wish i could take back what i have done to upset you so much ;/

Dinner :) Yuuuums
Tasted their Ying Yong Milk Tea, it taste so much more smoother there :)

Panda Hotel.
So my mummy , ahha once again wants to take a picture around the hotel. They have tonnes of panda soft toys which you could probably just walk there and steal one of it :)

Dim sum again :D 

Avenue Of Star
I couldnt find Lam Fung's hand print though.

Wong Tai Sin Temple
which was kinda known as a very very famous temple in Hong Kong. It says that when you make a wish at this temple, you ll have a very high possibility that your wish will come true. Ohh well, i hope mine will come true. No harm being superstitious ;)
Its located at Lung Cheung Road, Wong Tai Sin , Kowlon :)
Not to mention , it was freaking packed like shit, i got so annoyed when people just keep walking in front of me when i want to snap a freaking pictures. So i kinda shouted Excuse Me . I think my brother was pretty embarrassed with what i did  but who cares man . This is how annoyed i felt to an extent that i have to shout ! 
I really felt like saying , hello are you blind. Even i dont do that, at least i dont pretend that i never see you taking picture. Why does everyone treat me as if i am invisible to them -.-

Last stop was to The Peak Galleria, some of the member wanted to see the wax museum.The rest who did not pay for it , including my family , we took a nice walk over there and had out lunch :)

At The Peak Galleria. 
I love their Crispy Pork Chop Bun served with Chip.
The bread is so tender and crispy and so nice . GAH :)

I cursed alot in this post, mind me :)

New look,

Hat : F block
Dress : Custom Made
Leggings : Topshop
Rings : Rubi

after watching Burlesque , i really got hocked to it and i was so inspired with all their costume , their dance , their bodies ahahaha. I even watched it twice that day itself. It was also the last movie i watched with my baby , i miss her already. But at least i know she is safe and sound , was talking to her on the phone for more than an hour plus. You will be fine baby , note that i miss you always :)
Will update about Burlesque , Santrum and Zen in the up coming post :)