Saturday, February 1, 2014

SugarPlumCandyFloss x DressLily

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Statement Necklace : Dress Lily | Top and Heels Sandals : Zalora | Skirt : ZARA

When it comes to accessories, statement necklace is always my weakness. You cant forbid me to not take a glance at any statement pieces because they are simply irresistible. Therefore, no doubt that when I spotted this new beauty on , it caught my heart. I was pretty thrilled to found the exact similar necklace that I spotted way back from Hosanna's blog. I m proud to welcome this new beauty into the collection.

Moreover, since the festive season has arrived it gives me even no reason to not bring it out for a spin. Thanks Dress Lily for this amazing petal pendant statement necklace. I cant agree more on how it perfectly matches this entire outfit. Black for the win, as always :) 


Sydney L. said...

what size is your skirt? if im not mistaken zara bottoms run bigger in size (never had any zara item)? so what size is the skirt youre wearing cause you look rly skinnyyyy

Amanda L said...

@sydney : Hi Sydney, i m wearing a size S . It will be abit tight at the hips part for me but after that I fits perfectly ;D You should try buying some ZARA items, they have really good quality and I adore them so badly :)

Hope it helps you. Have a great weekend

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